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chris crisman sports photography nascar

We’re taking another look back into the Archive today to share some photos and behind the scenes from one of the most unique days the Crisman team has ever had on set. And when I say “on set,” what I’m really referring to is on the track and in the pit at a real deal NASCAR raceway. It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at this shoot – keep reading to see more…

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We work like crazy. As a studio manager/producer/assistant/blogger life very rarely slows down to the point where I can step back and reflect on it. When it does though, I find myself mulling over aspects of this job that might seem so inconsequential, but for me hold deeper meanings. I’ve decided to start this monthly series on the blog to take a minute and stop, reflect, and write about some of the aspects of being a studio manager that really impact me. These are my studio manager meditations.

chris crisman studio manager meditation slowing down

Slowing down can be hard – very hard sometimes. There’s a certain pace at which we, and I’d hazard a guess, most freelancers in this industry function on that is best described as breakneck. It’s an easy groove to fall into and function in. Work begets more work and busyness begets even more busyness; similar to the snowball effect, things keep building and building, and when we’re hitting our stride the pace of work and life can be crazy.

More times than not, when an opportunity presents itself to slow down, it can be an opportunity missed. Sure you’ll take a day or two off from the grind, but will you actually unplug? The easy answer is no. I’ll be the first to admit to checking emails on vacation and thinking work-related thoughts al all hours of the day, night, and even when I’m supposed to be tuned out.

For me at least, this is why I’ve learned not to fear slowing down – it affords just a bit of time for a nice respite. A time to work not quite as hard as we normally do, and free up some energy to think and concept the next big idea – which will naturally function to ramp up the pace and get us right back to being as busy as ever.

Of course, working as a freelance ship in the vast sea of the photo industry, sometimes that slow period can feel like you’re taking on water. To keep with the boating analogy, in the past it was very hard for me to disassociate the idea of slowing down a bit with a total sinking of the proverbial ship. Yet inn the past few years – 2014 especially, I’ve also learned to embrace slowing down, even if only for a few days or a week. It’s just as natural as being incredibly busy.

Certainly you can’t stay stuck at one extreme or the other – the consequences of either aren’t healthy or livable for any extended period of time. There’s a balance to be struck in this life, and it is okay to accept slowing down as a small part of that balance.

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Although we’re only just half way through 2014, this year has already afforded the Crisman team opportunities to travel to beautiful and inspiring places, meet interesting and unique subjects, and do what we do best, all along the way. Yes, in a sense this happens every year, but 2014 marked a particular milestone for Chris that’s worth sharing: As of July 2014, Chris has either shot in, or traveled through all fifty states. We can guarantee that every single one of our shoots and adventures has some story to tell behind it, and we couldn’t think of a better place than right here on the blog to share those stories.

Fifty states, fifty stories, fifty blog posts. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years as we take a look at our journey across this great country. We can guarantee lots of photos, lots of randomness, and well we’re not really sure what else.

All we can say for now is stay tuned…

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There are some truly creative people in this industry. Let’s face it, you’ve got to be constantly concepting, developing, and executing or you get left in the dust. I’m fortunate to work with some really dynamic and inspiring people, ranging from art directors, to producers, to creative directors, photo editors, art buyers, and print producers. Instead of questions about email blasts, printed promos, and portfolio reviews, I think that it’s time that I put some of them on the spot to show us their meaning of Life. “The meaning of Life” may be a little far flung to answer in only ten questions, but hopefully these interviews will serve to distill some of the inspired and intellectual energy of the creatives that we work with.


I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t know of Tim Tadder. This character makes some bad ass creations and his name just seems to pop up everywhere you look. I had the pleasure of spending a couple days with Tim this spring on a trip to San Francisco. We spent a long time talking about ourselves, and our work, and dreaming about pictures of the future. I am honored to have Tim share himself with us and all our readers. After reading about him here, please go spend some time with his work – you won’t be disappointed. Enough from me though, I’ll let Tim tell the rest…

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chris crisman animal portraits

We’re honored to announce that one of our animal portraits was selected and featured in the Communication Arts Photo Annual! One of 154 winners, whittled down from over 5,000 entries we are proud to included in the best of the best, those shooting at the top of their game.

chris crisman communication arts photo annual 2014 pengiun porta

You may remember back in 2013 we photographed a handful of animal portraits as part of our Unforgettable San Antonio tourism campaign with the fine folks from Proof Advertising – well that was our shot that made the cut this year! Thanks again to everyone at SeaWorld San Antonio as well as our amazing team to help bring it all together.

Questions? Comments? let us know your thoughts below or @crismanphoto and /crismanphoto!

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chris crisman conceptual portrait gardener

Another week down and another brand new conceptual portrait. The past few weeks have afforded us some time to really develope and create a handful of new images and we’re excited to be sharing one of these today -a s always, head on over to to see the image in full screen glory!

Stay tuned for the story of how this shot came together – from it’s creation as a vision in Chris’s mind to fruition as a final composite, we’ll be taking a look at what it’s like to create a truly imagined and unique composition like this photo.

What would you like to know about this new image? Any questions? let us know your thoughts below or @crismanphoto and /crismanphoto!

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chris crisman american standard dxv advertising

From Shakespeare to Hemingway to… plumbing? When we were approached by the folks at 22 Squared to create and shoot a new campaign for their cleint American Standard, we were immediately excited at the opportunity ahead of us. The goal: bring to life four unique concepts each rooted in a piece of classic literature that focused on the four different eras of design referenced by the new American Standard DXV kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The process: build everything from scratch, working from the ground up to create truly unique worlds for these products and models to exist in.

So how did these ads come together? Let’s take a look at what goes into building, lighting and creating these imaginary worlds.

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