Henrik Lundqvist Portraits

chris crisman henrik lundqvist photo portrait

Thanks to our editors at the New York Observer, we recently made the trip up to New York City to photograph all star NY Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist. Not only a world class athlete but also an immaculately dressed and adventurous photo subject, our 20 minutes on an NYC rooftop with King Henrik flew by as we shot a handful of awesome images.

chris crisman henrik lundqvist photo portrait

chris crisman henrik lundqvist photo portrait

Knowing that we didn’t have any time to waste, we arrived early and pre-lit four different setups for Mr. Lundqvist. When your subject is used to the fast-paced action of NHL hockey, you better not have them waiting around on set.

chris crisman henrik lundqvist photo portrait

chris crisman henrik lundqvist photo portrait

Of course, as soon as he saw the opportunity, the daredevil goalie hopped on this conveniently placed ladder for a few more action shots.

chris crisman henrik lundqvist photo portrait

After we had wrapped up all the shots on the rooftop, there was just one more task at hand.  Chris and King Henrik hopped into his Bentley and they tore around midtown Manhattan – all in the name of making great photos.

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From The Archive: NASCAR

chris crisman sports photography nascar

We’re taking another look back into the Archive today to share some photos and behind the scenes from one of the most unique days the Crisman team has ever had on set. And when I say “on set,” what I’m really referring to is on the track and in the pit at a real deal NASCAR raceway. It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at this shoot – keep reading to see more…


Fifty States Project: The Introduction


Although we’re only just half way through 2014, this year has already afforded the Crisman team opportunities to travel to beautiful and inspiring places, meet interesting and unique subjects, and do what we do best, all along the way. Yes, in a sense this happens every year, but 2014 marked a particular milestone for Chris that’s worth sharing: As of July 2014, Chris has either shot in, or traveled through all fifty states. We can guarantee that every single one of our shoots and adventures has some story to tell behind it, and we couldn’t think of a better place than right here on the blog to share those stories.

Fifty states, fifty stories, fifty blog posts. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years as we take a look at our journey across this great country. We can guarantee lots of photos, lots of randomness, and well we’re not really sure what else.

All we can say for now is stay tuned…

Wired UK: Do You Still Want to go Into Space?

chris crisman wired uk virgin galactic space health

We can always count on our editors at Wired UK to send us unique assignments. Little did we know what was in store for the Crisman team when we agreed to travel down to Texas to shoot photos for their recent story on space health. Two days of shooting all over the Lone Star state, and a 5G spin in a centrifuge later, we had all the shots we needed.

Yes, you’re looking at the opening spread of the article, and yes, that is yours truly – looking like I’m about to lose my lunch. How did this all happen? What does it feel like to spin at 5G’s? Keep reading to find out..


Featured In: Communication Arts 2014 Photo Annual

chris crisman animal portraits

We’re honored to announce that one of our animal portraits was selected and featured in the Communication Arts Photo Annual! One of 154 winners, whittled down from over 5,000 entries we are proud to included in the best of the best, those shooting at the top of their game.

chris crisman communication arts photo annual 2014 pengiun porta

You may remember back in 2013 we photographed a handful of animal portraits as part of our Unforgettable San Antonio tourism campaign with the fine folks from Proof Advertising – well that was our shot that made the cut this year! Thanks again to everyone at SeaWorld San Antonio as well as our amazing team to help bring it all together.

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Nature Conservancy: Escalante Aerial Photography

Utah Escalante River Watershed Photography - NCM13021

A portion of our Escalante assignment for The Nature Conservancy took us to a place where we’ve never made pictures before, a place that afforded a truly unique and inspiring point of view, and a place where we really, really needed to make sure Chris didn’t drop the camera.

For the first time, the Crisman team took to the skies to shoot Aerial photography of southern Utah to capture visuals that would help show the changing landscape of the Escalante region as well as illustrate the problematic nature of the invasive species the folks on the ground are working so hard to eradicate. Keep reading for more stories and photos from 10,000 ft….


The Meaning of Life in 10 Questions… Matthew Slimmer

There are some truly creative people in this industry. Let’s face it, you’ve got to be constantly concepting, developing, and executing or you get left in the dust. I’m fortunate to work with some really dynamic and inspiring people, ranging from art directors, to producers, to creative directors, photo editors, art buyers, and print producers. Instead of questions about email blasts, printed promos, and portfolio reviews, I think that it’s time that I put some of them on the spot to show us their meaning of Life. “The meaning of Life” may be a little far flung to answer in only ten questions, but hopefully these interviews will serve to distill some of the inspired and intellectual energy of the creatives that we work with.


It was just about this time last year that we first started working with Austin, TX based producer Matthew Slimmer. As we estimated and began work on our San Antonio tourism project, we knew that Matthew would be the ideal producer to bring together all of the crazy moving parts that would make up such a huge campaign.

Looking back on the shoot, what stuck with us most was Matthew’s flexibility and willingness to roll with whatever curve-balls came our way. He’s a great guy to have on any shoot, but enough from me, I’ll let Matthew tell the rest: