As we spend the last few days of 2018 in reflection, we view our recent past with great fondness. 2018 has been a year of continued change and growth defined by new challenges. 

All along the path, we have created many memories.

We have traveled all over the land and worked with so many wonderful people. Some long time conspirators and other new faces that we will welcome back to our team when the right time comes.

 No matter where a project took us, each one allowed us to dive further into the depths of creativity and to make each opportunity count.

As we look forward to even greater challenges, our team continues to grow.  This year called for expansion and we were fortunate to have Noel Pattani hop on board.

Noel is currently our production coordinator and we are excited to see how her strengths continue to develop as a part of our team.

 With her help, we have expanded Chris’s personal project, Women’s Work. Her creativity, spirit, and strong values have brought a new sense of life to who we are.

Mike Ryan will be entering his first year as a full-time member in 2019.

It seems like it’s been years, but his commitment and dedication restored a balance to our team as well as helped shape how we get it all done.

To be part of so many projects that pushed our creative limits has been a thrill and a pleasure. As a team of creative people, we require challenges and 2018 has been full of them. From creating a lush garden in studio during December, to traveling to Cape May, NJ to capture an oyster farmer and her crew at sunrise, to working 18 hour days in the scorching summer sun, we will continue to raise the bar on creative productions that bring out the best in everyone who is part of our what we do.  We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we love and to share our passions and strengths with you.

One to 2019 – Our next call time hits in just over 72 hours.

We love local

Ready! Set! Black Friday! When the last plate is cleared from the Thanksgiving table that is when some of us start knocking out that Christmas list. If you are like most of us you do a lot of your shopping while sitting on your couch. You quickly swipe through items to purchase and with a touch of your finger your list is complete. But, how do you find unique presents for someone equally unique? Well, we recommend Peg and Awl. A Philadelphia based company owned by wife and husband duo Margaux and Walter Kent. Their shop from the heart has a wonderful catalog of carefully crafted standout items. Each item created out of repurposed material. They rescue neglected treasures and reinvent them into products that can be used in your everyday life.

As you might have guessed, Peg and Awl was a shop from the heart. Born out of the need for Margaux and Walter to create. Their individual passions came together to bring Peg and Awl to life. At first, it was for themselves but then quickly became something for everyone. The practical objects like Waxed Canvas Tote or The Marlowe Lunch Bag ( a few of us in the office have one!) have become popular staples that fit well into everyday life. After asking around the office we created the team’s must-have list! We hope you enjoy our picks.

Peg and Awl – Apothecary Cabinet

Apothecary Cabinet
A long time ago I realized I need to go vertical with my storage. I just have too much stuff. The beautiful Apothecary Cabinet adds unique shelving to any wall in your house. Its versatile design allows me to place it anywhere. It could go in the kitchen and hold all of my spices. It could live on my bedroom wall and store all of my aromatherapy oils… I told you I have a lot of stuff!

Noel Pattani, Production Coordinator
Peg and Awl – Bathtub Caddy

Bathtub Caddy
After several days on the road (which just happened), there is nothing that can set you right again then a hot, relaxing soak with a glass of tasty wine. The Bathtub Caddy keeps your glass and scented candle safe and dry as you dunk your head under the water to hide from the world.

Robert Luessen, Producer
Peg and Awl – All Black Weekender

All Black Weekender

Between work and my hobbies I find myself throwing my life into a bag. The All Black Weekender makes travel a little bit easier. Its versatile shape allows for easy storage. We all know how crammed overhead compartments can be. This durable duffle bag is meant to endure years of seeing the sights. I picture me and this bag aging well together.

Micheal Ryan, Photography Assistant
Peg and Awl – Shanty Man Log Carrier

Shanty Man Log Carrier

When I first saw a log carrier product, there was a bit of smh. As I’ve previously communicated, I grew up in the woods. I’ve been cutting firewood since kindergarten and I love the entire process. Nighttime gatherings of firewood have once again begun at our house. The general idea of grabbing wood from outside, carrying it in, and stacking it inside was feeling a bit off. You can only carry so much before you’re cradling it against your body.  In the end, you’re either with a dirty shirt or a cold house from too many small log runs. Now I get it – I really need this Peg and Awl log carrier. Actually… I just ordered it.

Chris Crisman, Photographer

Happy Holidays from the Crisman Team!!!

2015 in Review – Our Best Work

It may not feel like the end of December on the east coast, but as our team is wrapping up for 2015, we felt it was necessary to take a few minutes and reflect back on this year. We’ve been coast-to-coast and plenty of places in between; after countless traveling, producing, shooting, and retouching the year is finally winding down – and what a great one it has been. Keeping up with our yearly blog tradition, Chris and our team sat down and chose our favorites from 2015. Enjoy!

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

chris crisman advertising photography best of 2015

As always, none of the images above would be what they are without those who have helped us create them.  From our amazing clients and the awesome creatives we’ve worked with from all of the country and the world to the dedicated and resourceful crew who have helped produce, style, prop, dress, and light these shoots – and we can’t forget our subjects, the real people, the talented models, and everyone else in between who we capture with our lens: Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Cheers and make sure to let us know your thoughts below or @crismanphoto and/crismanphoto!


What We’re Thankful For 2015


It’s that time of year again when we can step back from the hustle of our daily routine and reflect for a moment on the past eleven months. The holidays always bring some time for relaxation and reflection, but in my opinion there’s none better than Thanksgiving to really stop and take stock of what one is thankful for.

This year, the team decided to all sit down for a minute this morning and share what 2015 has provided and what that means for us (and we included pictures!) So here we are, what the Crisman team is thankful for:


[Chris]: I am thankful for having the opportunity for such great experiences with what we do – for really wonderful clients that entrust me and our team with such great responsibility. I’m also thankful for my amazing wife and her patience for the unpredictable lifestyle that we live. Lastly, I am thankful for the holiday miracle that we found out our cat Cheese, who was lost for two years has just resurfaced in Rhode Island. Even better news is that Cheese will be rejoining our family on Monday.


[Jared]: I am thankful for my motorcycle, pizza and candy, the greatest friends in the world, and most importantly the opportunity to do what I love with the absolute best people. I wouldn’t be nearly as successful as I am without the support of Chris and Robert. I’m truly thankful to be a part of this team.


[Robert]: I have quite a bit to be thankful for this year. Without sounding like a broken record from years past, I am still and will always be truly thankful for all of the unique, interesting and amazing people that I am privileged to work with – from NYC to LA and everywhere/everyone in between, thank you for being a part of my life and helping our team achieve what we do. I am also very thankful in 2015 for my (recently official) wife and other half, Jillian.

That said, we’re all wishing you a very happy thanksgiving! Eat, drink, enjoy leftovers and be merry!

Tech Post: Canon 5D Mark III, 5Ds, and PhaseOne IQ160 Head-to-Head


Hi everyone!

So we just recently received a new Canon 5Ds. It’s been a long wait since we pre-ordered, but it’s finally here so we decided to see how it looked side by side with our trusty 5D Mark III and our somewhat finicky IQ 160 Phase One back. Below are some comparisons of Chris’ pearly blues from ISO ranges 100-800.

This is just our quick look at the cameras side by side to get a idea of what the new canon is all about. It’s by no means an in depth technical review… We’re not exactly the most technical photo crew on the planet and we’re not hoping to be so either.

What we’ve noticed between the cameras is that the 5Ds files have a bit more contrast than the 5D3. The 5D3 handles higher ISO’s a little better than the 5Ds but that was expected with the cramming of more pixels into the sensor. The 5Ds is very close in sharpness to the IQ160 but we feel the IQ160 beats it just barely. In terms of ISO, the IQ160 is really not great above ISO 200, and even though we rarely shoot above 800, the 5Ds will be able to cover us in that department as well as having an actually functioning auto focus system.

I’m sorry medium format cameras, but you guys just cant keep up against massive multi-point AF arrays. I can see us moving away from the IQ160 for these reasons alone, but then again it could open the door for buying an even larger medium format back in the future.

Take a look at the images below.  We’d love to hear your take on all of this as well – let us know in the comments!


Click the images to see them at 100%.

ISO 100 test between Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5DS, and PhaseOne IQ160.
ISO 100 test between Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5DS, and PhaseOne IQ160.

ISO 200 test between Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5DS, and PhaseOne IQ160.
ISO 200 test between Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5DS, and PhaseOne IQ160.

ISO 400 test between Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5DS, and PhaseOne IQ160.
ISO 400 test between Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5DS, and PhaseOne IQ160.

ISO 800 test between Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5DS, and PhaseOne IQ160.
ISO 800 test between Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5DS, and PhaseOne IQ160.

2015 – The New Year

chris crisman advertising photography 2015

It’s a new year.

And with that we’re off to a new start. As we sit here in the studio with snow falling around us, there’s a moment of both tranquility and anticipation. We’re back in action and ready to get cracking in 2015. After a much needed pause in the action, the new adventure of 2015 is upon us and we’re already working on new assignments, planning new personal projects, looking into picturesque locations and seeking out unique and beautiful talent – all the while, making sure the every day we come to work is one where we’re having fun and doing it for the sake of making amazing images.

That is to say, it’s pretty much business as usual.

The Crisman team has a big year ahead, and as always we’ll be sharing it as we go. There’s always this blog, Chris’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to stay up to date on the action. We’ll do our best to keep posting as this train keeps rolling – make sure you enjoy the ride.