From The Archive: NASCAR

chris crisman sports photography nascar

We’re taking another look back into the Archive today to share some photos and behind the scenes from one of the most unique days the Crisman team has ever had on set. And when I say “on set,” what I’m really referring to is on the track and in the pit at a real deal NASCAR raceway. It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at this shoot – keep reading to see more…


New NHL Portraits

chris crisman bauer nhl hockey portrait photos

What do you get when you gather dozens of the top NHL stars at a casino in Atlantic City and set them loose with multiple photo and film crews? You get one hell of a photo and video shoot, that’s what. It’s been a long wait, but we’re really excited to share these images today from a shoot last summer with some of the National Hockey League’s greatest talents. Keep reading for more brand new NHL portraits and exclusive behind the scenes…


Hockey Legend – Jaromír Jágr

We were told we had five minutes – if we were lucky. We were also told that Jagr didn’t like getting his photo taken. “He, uhh doesn’t really like photo shoots” remarked our Flyers contact with a look mixed with concern and worry. Limited time window, possibly unruly, 6’3” 240lb subject with metal blades on his feet, nothing to worry about. Keep reading to see how it all turned out when we shot Triple Gold Club winner, soon to be Hall of Fame hockey player, Jaormir Jagr…


My “Day” with Michael Vick – A Second Perspective

Working with talented designers is (usually) a win-win scenario. The results (sometimes award winning) are a sum greater than the whole of it’s parts. I knew good things were in store when I learned that we were going to be working with Jesse Southerland from Philadelphia Magazine for the Michael Vick shoot.  After receiving some of great feedback from the Michael Vick post, I thought you all would enjoy hearing Jesse tell his side of the story. It all started for him two years ago:

Michael Vick was shopping at the local Super Fresh in Pennsport, Philadelphia when he was the Eagles third-string quarterback one night around two years ago. He calmly walked through each aisle, occasionally breaking his smooth, slow stride to find the cart his wife and daughter were pushing – a snail could have beaten him to the checkout line. This was a man killing time. That was the first time I saw Michael Vick.

Keep reading to see the rest of Jesse’s reaction to our shoot, and a look into his thought process that lead him to the incredible spread he created.


Cliff Lee & Clearwater Behind the Scenes

Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies Portrait Chris Crisman Crisman photography studio portrait

It’s an understatement that everyone here in Philadelphia is happy to have Cliff Lee back with the Phillies. We’re only a few weeks into the season and already things look very promising. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with him during spring training. He is the definition of cool.

Make sure to check out below for a short behind the scenes clip of us shooting Cliff down in Clearwater earlier this year.