Cliff Lee & Clearwater Behind the Scenes

Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies Portrait Chris Crisman Crisman photography studio portrait

It’s an understatement that everyone here in Philadelphia is happy to have Cliff Lee back with the Phillies. We’re only a few weeks into the season and already things look very promising. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with him during spring training. He is the definition of cool.

Make sure to check out below for a short behind the scenes clip of us shooting Cliff down in Clearwater earlier this year.


8 replies to “Cliff Lee & Clearwater Behind the Scenes”

  1. Love the Cliff Lee pics! Thanks for the quick look behind the scenes. It’s good to have Cliff Lee back in Philly, but personally I’m excited to have Roy Halladay around!

  2. I like the end result and the circular gradient effect. What was the reasoning with adding the background later and not shooting it in camera?

  3. LOVE my Phillies!!! so Inspired by your Work! extra fun seeing behind the scenes! Great Cliff Lee MOMENTS!!! again LOVING IT!!!

  4. Hey Cris, I was talking to you at the flash bus for a little bit. Nice to see your work keeps getting nastier and nastier (nasty obviously in a good way). Keep it up. Cheers

  5. hey Chris,

    How come in the video the background seems to be orange but in the final it seems like a very light brown to black, did you change the color in post?

    Great post!

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