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  1. Robert Parker says: March 3, 20144:53 pm

    This story touched me more than any other you have done. You and your team are gifted beyond belief. It gives me something to strive for and also makes me sad because I have not made the sacrifices you have to get to the place you are now. Of course I have made other sacrifices, for my wife, my children, my church and others who I have tried to help over the course of my life. Those have their own rewards. Both here and in the next life.

    There are no words to describe how you affect me and give me hope. Even at age 62. My wife says I am maudlin. It’s true, I am crying as I write this. These men who have suffered so much and yet have found peace in places and activities that makes their sacrifice worth it. True Rewards indeed.

  2. Robert Luessen says: March 4, 20149:38 am

    Thank you Robert. Your words are too kind.

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