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Double Weekly Wrap-up, August 5th – 16th

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Mid-August already? Time is flying by this summer – so quick in fact that I’ve been serving up double weekly wrap-ups instead of the usual. You’ll have to excuse the bi-weekly gap, we’re just somehow busy on Fridays this summer (even if that busyness sometimes involves a cold beer on the beach). Speaking of the beach, we’ve been all over these past few weeks, from down at the Jersey Shore, to NYC, Washington DC, and back home in Philadelphia. What have we been up to? Doing what we do best – making photos and grabbing behind the scenes to share. Keep reading to check it all out…

chris crisman weekly wrap up

We spent a few days in the studio, keeping out of the August heat and working on testing a few new light and background setups.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Clearly I was enjoying myself in the process. I think Chris asked me for a tough expression in this one.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

We also headed to the Jersey Shore for a quick editorial shoot on the beach. For once I wasn’t in the light test, instead we had a new face standing in – Philly based assistant Shayne Ross.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Another editorial project took us down to Washington DC for a shoot last weekend, gathering up a group of the city’s movers and shakers for a portrait or two.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

While on our shoot in DC, I managed to sneak into a test shot with a vintage rum barrel. Out of all the weird test shots, I think this may be a first for me.

As far as what you may have missed these past few weeks on the internet:

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 – We offer up some required reading on the subject of famous American artist, Edward Hopper

 – Still life shooter Kevin Twomey offers his opinion of photo industry events on our agent Heather Elder’s blog

 – APhotoEditor has a great read on pricing & negotiating an advertising shoot

Last but not least…

chris crisman weekly wrap up

I realize that it’s headed towards the end of summer and autumn is upon us, but don’t you think it’s just a little early for the pumpkin beers? Even if this one is the most delicious…

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