Double Weekly Wrap-up, November 28th – December 9th

First off an apology – Forgive me for missing out on a weekly wrap up last week. We were in the middle of an awesome editorial shoot up in NYC all day on Friday and I didn’t get the chance to properly write about the week. That being said, the past fourteen days have been pretty crazy, with editorial projects and an advertising shoot down in Miami.

As usual, I can’t get into too many details quite yet, but we’ve got a handful of shots from the last few weeks, keep reading to check out what’s been going on.

Last Friday we were all over new york city on a great editorial shoot for an international client. I can’t show who the subject is just yet, but it’ll be a great blog post full of behind the scenes when we can release it.

Not to mention our studio had a pretty good view too.

Even 20 stories up, Chris manages to keep it stylish, rocking the cowboy boots and sport-coat on top of midtown manhattan.

Notice the similar shooting style but noticeably warmer weather attire that we got to wear down in Florida this week.

Speaking of our shoot in Miami, check out this ingenious way to keep a lens protected from the sand and salty air when you’re working on the beach. Props to our awesome assistant Scot Overholser for that fix.

As you may remember from our ad shoot a few weeks ago in South Carolina, Rockstar energy drink continues to fuel our hectic schedule. Anyone know if we can get some sponsorship?

Backtracking a bit to last week, we received our copy of AP 27 and got a chance to check out all the featured photographers. If you haven’t looked at it yet, check it out here.

Remember our recent cover shoot for Philly Mag? Well apparently it’s too risque for some retailers – who knows, maybe they just have a thing against post-it notes.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

We released some brand new landscapes from Chris’s time in Italy this fall

I shared the story of photographing a saint

We went behind the scenes of the of the newest cover of Philadelphia Magazine

Last but not least…

Sometimes you’ve just gotta help out and tie another man’s bib.