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From The Archive: NASCAR

chris crisman sports photography nascar

We’re taking another look back into the Archive today to share some photos and behind the scenes from one of the most unique days the Crisman team has ever had on set. And when I say “on set,” what I’m really referring to is on the track and in the pit at a real deal NASCAR raceway. It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at this shoot – keep reading to see more…

chris crisman sports photography nascar

If you’ve been reading the blog long enough, you may remember back in 2012 when we took to the track one summer day to shoot a ton of promo images of NASCAR racing – shooting all day long and turning day into night to create one amazing racing photo library.

chris crisman sports photography nascar

chris crisman sports photography nascar

Thanks to a little bit of retouching magic, we were able to transition a handful of our shots into a nighttime scene, furthering the story of the race we’d created and affording us even more creative freedom and opportunity from the shoot.

chris crisman advertising editorial nascar racing car racing pho

chris crisman sports photography nascar

Of course any good day of shooting at a NASCAR racetrack wouldn’t be complete with a little bit of cherry picker action and some smoke machine effects.

chris crisman sports photography nascar

chris crisman photography weekly wrap up

The only thing that could make this From The Archive post better is taking a look back at the Crisman crew from 2012 – who just so happen to be walking away Reservoir Dogs style from a job well done. Beyond the 4 guys in the above photo, we owe a big thanks to all the other crew involved, our talent and the raceway for helping to make this happen!

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  1. JerseyStyle Photography says: August 19, 201410:58 pm

    Very cool update. But Reservoir Dogs? I think Team Crisman is more like the single-shot take from Swingers >


    Cheers, Mark

  2. Robert Luessen says: August 21, 20149:57 am

    Very funny Mark… very funny. Lol.

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