From the Archive: Preston Pittman

chris crisman preston pittman turkey caller photos portait

In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought it made sense for our very first From the Archive blog post to feature none other than Chris’s 2008 Field & Stream shoot with Preston Pittman, arguably the world’s greatest turkey caller. As you sit down later this week to a nice plate piled high with wild, free-range, organic turkey, stuffing, gravy and the like, think about the fact that someone might have had to call that very bird… Keep reading for a few more photos and a very interesting youtube video of Preston’s uniue ability

He’s got skills. Turkey calling skills. Although that’s just a decoy, I’m sure he could get just as close to a real deal turkey.

Chris also shot Preston in his home in Misissippi, where his choice in decor seems to match his natural proclivity to the great outdoors.

In the shot above, Pittman is demonstrating how to use one of his turkey callers – a “pot” caller, where you scratch and scrape a striker across a small surface – think lighting a match, except it’s calling a turkey.

Although he makes and sells plenty of turkey callers, Preston Pittman certainly doesn’t need to use them. He’s got a pretty unique talent that can be best summed up in this video – check it out: