Hockey Legend – Jaromír Jágr

We were told we had five minutes – if we were lucky. We were also told that Jagr didn’t like getting his photo taken. “He, uhh doesn’t really like photo shoots” remarked our Flyers contact with a look mixed with concern and worry. Limited time window, possibly unruly, 6’3” 240lb subject with metal blades on his feet, nothing to worry about. Keep reading to see how it all turned out when we shot Triple Gold Club winner, soon to be Hall of Fame hockey player, Jaormir Jagr…

The crew arrived at practice to set up our gear as the team took slap shots at the goal (and our octabanks behind the protective glass). Even though time was short, Chris wanted to shoot two setups. We hustled to get our gear set up as practice continued,  and I did my best trying to ignore the 90mph hockey pucks crashing into the glass every few minutes.

As practice ended, he skated over to us, hopped off the ice and the shoot began. We may have only had five minutes, but Jagr was game for whatever we had ready for him. For as much as everyone had warned us that he didn’t like photo shoots, he certainly had a fun couple of minutes in the setups we had ready.


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