Hoodie Allen

Have you heard of Hoodie Allen? If not you’re missing out. A rapper, former Google employee, and UPenn graduate (so is Chris, coincidentally), Hoodie started making music in 2009. After the insane viral success of the track “You are not a robot” in summer 2010, and three mixtapes later, Hoodie recently released his debut album, All American (debuting at #10 on the Billboard top albums chart).

Back in February, Chris and I got a chance to hang out with him and make some pictures.  Keep reading for a few more shots, some behind the scenes photos and a peak at Hoodie Allen’s newest video…

Conveniently enough, our shoot location had a baby grand white piano in the living room. Not a bad prop for a music photoshoot.

You can see Hoodie up on the piano on the shot above.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video for “No Interrpution,” the first single off of Hoodie Allen’s debut EP All American.

After working out the piano shot we headed outside for a few natural light shots.

If you’re not following him already, make sure you follow Hoodie on twitter and if you liked the video from this post, check out more videos on youtube and be sure to download his newest full length album on iTunes!

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