Looking Back: Skipping Winter 2011

Somehow, I managed to miss the month of February this year. As the end of January rolled around, Chris and our team decided that we were going to head down to Florida for six days to shoot a new body of work for his portfolio. Part of my job was to head down early and run logistics for the shoot – transporting a lot of our gear from Philly, rounding up rental gear in Florida, stocking our rental house with food and (necessary) beverages. I packed for eight days.

I was gone four weeks. Continue Reading for what happened and some never before seen behind the scenes iPhone shots…

The truck packed, our superstar digital tech Jeff and I headed off. We were literally prepared for anything.

After 20 hours of driving spread across two days, Jeff and I rolled up to the rental house/photoshoot location in Florida. Yes, that pool might look familiar. This house was home away from home for the first part of the month, serving as a home base for the personal portfolio project that Chris and the team were shooting.

Hopefully you’ve all seen this behind the scenes video from the shoot, but if not make sure to check it out.

Here’s a shot of both Chris and Shea (who was our cinematographer for the behind the scenes video) shooting as the sun sets in the amazing town of Micanopy Florida – if you’re looking for a town that is a total throwback to the 1950’s in central Florida, this is your place.

I should probably also mention that despite the fact we were in Florida and on the beach, it was still winter. 30-40mph winds whipped up and down the beach during our shoots, turning our octabanks into giant 5 foot sails that required a ton of weight (assistants included) just to keep them on the ground. After wrapping our Florida shoot, we received an assignment from Philadelphia Magazine to shoot Cliff Lee at spring training. Since we were practically in Clearwater Florida as it was, we extended our stay a few days.

Obviously we had to make some time to have fun – a trip to Universal Studios was in order. Aside from claiming an iPhone (Sorry Jeff), it couldn’t have been a better break from shooting. Just in case it’s unclear, Jeff and Chris are Hulking out in the shot above.

We shot Cliff Lee and had a chance to take in the finer fare of Clearwater Florida. 2-for-1 beer night, what an invention?

Over the next few days, another project in Florida came in, this time working with an advertising agency out of Chicago, Mobium. We’ll have a separate mention of those photos on the blog in the near future so keep an eye out for that. After wrapping our shoot for Mobium, assignments came in taking us to South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

I made sure to grab a souvenir from Florida for the studio before we left. The editorial assignment we had in South Carolina took us into the woods.

Way, way, way out into the woods.

It was quite the experience. Don’t worry, a blog post is sure to happen about this shoot later when we can share more. Last but not least, we rolled back down to Atlanta, Georgia to work on a project with Leo Burnett Chicago.

Four weeks and three changes of laundry on the road at various laundromats throughout the Southeast, I drove back to Philadelphia – in the month of March. I missed a few snow storms and some pretty chilly weather. Not a bad way to spend the winter.

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