Road-trip: Route 1, California

Sometimes it’s just better to drive than fly. Having shoots in both Los Angeles and San Francisco last week, Chris and I knew we’d have to make our way from one city to the other – either a really quick flight, or an incredibly beautiful (and ten hour long) drive up the picturesque coastline of California on a road know as Route 1. The trip could have gone faster, but of course we stopped and made photos along the way. Keep reading to see some photos from our adventure…

Our drive on Route 1 started just north of Los Angeles, cruising along with lush, green rolling hills on the right and the ocean on the left.

Almost immediately after getting on the highway, we had to stop for a few shots. It may look like Chris is up to some trespassing here, but we can assure you it was public land – we think.

The views were serene. Fields of wildflowers, the pacific ocean, you can’t go wrong.

As we ventured north, the road began to twist and turn and the rolling hills turned to cliffs and mountains.

The views and the drive started to remind us of the road to Hana…

We also happened to meet a few interesting characters along the way… Even a squirrel trainer.

About eight hours in we found it – we finally found the spot that we had driven from LA for. Tripod and camera slung over my shoulder, I snapped this shot as we hiked down a hill to find the right angle for Chris’s shot.

If you look carefully you can spot Chris trailblazing ahead. Whatever it takes to get the shot.

And there it was, Bixby Canyon Bridge – the often photographed and famous concrete bridge north of Big Sur California on route 1. If the name sounds familiar, you might recognize it from the Death Cab for Cutie song of the same title.

As soon as the photos from our trip are retouched and ready, I’ll make sure to share them. Stay tuned for the results of our road trip.

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  1. Back in 2004, I made the drive from LAX to SF in just over five hours, in the middle of the night. Perhaps having a new bride fuming mad at me for losing my passport (we were leaving from LAX at midnight to go to Tahiti) made me drive very fast. No pictures were taken. Come to think of it, I don’t think I was even allowed to turn on the radio. All’s well that ends well…we hit SF in the morning, I found my passport, we made it to Tahiti and next week we’ll be married 8 years and have three kids and two dogs.

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