Behind the Scenes – Morningstar Farms

Back in October of 2011, we spent a week shooting on location in Charleston, South Carolina. You might remember the weekly wrap-up that focused more on our travels and adventures after the shoot. A few months have elapsed and now the ads are running, which means we can share about the shoot and dig a little bit deeper as to what goes on while involved an advertising project.

We were shooting for Morningstar Farms, the largest vegetarian food producer in America. A popular vegetarian brand, they focus on meatless options for classic foods, like hamburgers and hot dogs. I’ve gotta admit, they make some tasty stuff too (and I was surprised that we didn’t have any on set for lunch). A few days of travel, scouting, and shooting all went into a successful week – we worked with two excellent creatives from Leo Burnett, an awesome food stylist, and a top-notch local production crew to pull it all off.

My apologies for not having some video footage for this look behind the scenes, or a ton of photos, but I had my hands full making sure our gear was setup and running smoothly. We’ve got plenty to share though, keep reading for some more insight and images from behind the scenes…


Weekly Wrap-up, Janurary 9th-13th

It’s January. It’s time to reorganize, get ready and get prepped for the year ahead – that’s what we’ve been up to this week in the studio. We’ll be making a pretty big announcement next week, so stay tuned for the good news.

Aside from that, we were working hard in the studio and on an editorial project this week – portfolio updates, server updates, organizing and re-organizing kept us all busy for the last few days. Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this week…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, November 28th – December 9th

First off an apology – Forgive me for missing out on a weekly wrap up last week. We were in the middle of an awesome editorial shoot up in NYC all day on Friday and I didn’t get the chance to properly write about the week. That being said, the past fourteen days have been pretty crazy, with editorial projects and an advertising shoot down in Miami.

As usual, I can’t get into too many details quite yet, but we’ve got a handful of shots from the last few weeks, keep reading to check out what’s been going on.