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We started the Meaning of Life series with the intention of showcasing some of the amazing minds that we are fortunate enough to work with in the creative industry. Ultimately though, all of the great people working behind the camera with us are only part of the story. We’ve decided to open this up to some of our subjects and have them explain themselves. “The meaning of Life” may be a little far flung to answer in only ten questions, but hopefully these interviews will serve to distill some of the inspired and captivating energy of the people that we are lucky to meet and photograph.

There was a time in my life that I thought, just maybe, I should become a man of the cloth. My mother told me that if was meant to be, that I would most likely hear some sort of divine calling. Fortunately for this blog, divinity never spoke to me. The same is not true for Father Jim Martin who is currently in the lead as my favorite subject of the year. Jesuit Priest, author, editor, and Colbert Report Chaplain, I’ll let him tell the rest…

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