The Library Saint

“What am I going to retire for unless I’m sick? I don’t want to just stay home and read a book. Our kids are very needy. There’s a lot to be done.”

At 89 years old, Verne Oliver is not your typical woman. Since retiring in 1987, she’s worked tirelessly to revamp and revitalize libraries in underprivileged New York City schools. An accomplishment for anyone, Ms. Oliver pays no mind to her accolades, instead focusing on the work that compels her, promoting literacy and access to books for children. Keep reading for the rest of our story with the Library Saint herself, Verne Oliver…


From the Archive: Preston Pittman

chris crisman preston pittman turkey caller photos portait

In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought it made sense for our very first From the Archive blog post to feature none other than Chris’s 2008 Field & Stream shoot with Preston Pittman, arguably the world’s greatest turkey caller. As you sit down later this week to a nice plate piled high with wild, free-range, organic turkey, stuffing, gravy and the like, think about the fact that someone might have had to call that very bird… Keep reading for a few more photos and a very interesting youtube video of Preston’s uniue ability


Weekly Wrap-up, November 14th-18th

It’s been another good week here in and around Philly. You might be wondering about that shot above, and I’ll be the first to say, we definitely don’t have views like that around here on the east coast. You’re looking at the sun rising in northern California, where Chris is currently shooting a new body of personal work. He’s flying solo on this shoot, with the rest of the crew holding down the fort in Philadelphia. Keep reading to see what else we’ve been up to this week… (more…)

New Desert Landscapes

You may remember back in July, we spent a day shooting in the deserts east of LA. The heat was triple digits plus, but we braved the elements to make some killer pictures. We also may have done a bit of off-roading in our rental car to make the above photo possible (sorry Hertz).

Here are two of the shots that just came out of retouching. There are a few more on the way, along with some landscapes from Chris’s trip to Italy. Stay tuned for more.

Hockey Legend – Jaromír Jágr

We were told we had five minutes – if we were lucky. We were also told that Jagr didn’t like getting his photo taken. “He, uhh doesn’t really like photo shoots” remarked our Flyers contact with a look mixed with concern and worry. Limited time window, possibly unruly, 6’3” 240lb subject with metal blades on his feet, nothing to worry about. Keep reading to see how it all turned out when we shot Triple Gold Club winner, soon to be Hall of Fame hockey player, Jaormir Jagr…