Sophia Davis – Montana Cowgirl

On a beautiful summer day in mid- July, we traveled to Springdale, MT to spend the day with Sophia Davis, a genuine cowgirl. Sophi and her family manage and live on Lone Star Land and Cattle Company.  Our early morning drive towards the sun led us to what seemed like an endless dirt road. The conditions were arid and a trail of dust followed us for almost an hour. By the time we made it to Sophi our car was covered in an adventure appropriate coating of dust. 

After an anticipated meet and greet, we headed out to wrangle the cattle. With Mike at the wheel of a Polaris and Chris sprawled across the back bed, we followed. It was Mike’s maiden voyage as an ATV driver so you can imagine the communication with Chris was hindered. Mike was driving on rough terrain while Chris gave his best attempt at managing the camera and directing Mike.

Working so closely with these gentle giants was quite exhilarating. We watched, navigated, and photographed as Sophi weaved back and forth to maintain their forward progress. All of this in spite of these cattle clearly not excited about our foreign presence. In hindsight, it’s clear that managing us was much more challenging for Sophi than were the cattle.

Once Chris was satisfied with what he had shot, Sophi seamlessly returned the cattle to their pens and we all broke for lunch. We ventured into the town of Livingston for a quick bite. Livingston is a famous town that now is becoming a bit of a high west hot spot.

Before we returned to Sophi we took a few moments to explore some of the 50,000-acres of Lone Star Land and Cattle Co. property.  Traveling under the big blue skies one finds themselves in awe of spectacular views. The vastness of the plains was only interrupted by small herds of pronghorns feeding amongst the grass.

Pronghorn Antelope

When we reunited with Sophi she was accompanied by her two delightful children (Ella, 4 and Hunter, 2). With their help, we were given a thorough tour of the ranch and its inner workings. Following this, it was time to make our way towards the final stage of our adventure.

Sophi and Hunter
Chris and Ella

At one corner of the ranch was a field dotted with freshly cut & baled hay. If you grew up outside of the city, it’s always nostalgic to see these scattered across a monumental landscape. With Sophi mounted on her trusty steed, Lucy, we began to shoot. It was certainly one that we wish hadn’t ended so soon.

Montana is a spectacular space to exist in. With a terrain that only ends at grand and majestic mountains. Above in the sky, the clouds dance effortlessly. The depth of its beauty is breathtaking. It was an honor and a pleasure to capture the breadth of the landscape around us.

From The Archive: Italy

chris crisman italy landscape travel tourism

It was just about this time back in 2011 that Chris hopped a flight across the Atlantic ocean and landed in Rome – Headed to Tuscany for a week of shooting and taking in the beautiful sights, he made the most of his time in Italy, by translating the beautiful country into photos for all of us to enjoy.

chris crisman italy landscape travel tourism

chris crisman italy landscape travel tourism

chris crisman italy landscape travel tourism

Rome, Tuscany, Assisi, Chris and his camera covered everything he could, creating beautiful landscape photos along the way.

chris crisman italy landscape travel tourism

chris crisman italy landscape travel tourism

The Italian countryside is absolutely an inspiring landscape to bring before any camera lens. We are lucky to have captured even the smallest portion back in the fall of 2011. Here’s to the hope that we’ll be back in the future to finish the job!

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New Mexico Landscape Behind-the-Scenes

A few weeks ago we found ourselves hopping on a flight down to New Mexico a few days earlier than scheduled to avoid an incoming winter storm. Getting out of Philly just in the nick of time, we landed in the southwest on a mission to make some great landscape photos.

They’re in the process of retouching right now and I can’t wait to show them when they’re done, but for know keep reading for more behind the scenes and more of the natural beauty of New Mexico…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, November 5th-16th

Whew. What a crazy run. Thankfully it’s Friday and also the 12th day straight we’ve been working, traveling all over and making photos. This trip took us home base in Philly to New Mexico, Los Angeles, the Mojave desert, Washington DC, New York, and back to Philadelphia.

We braved the surprisingly freezing temps and deceiving sands of the desert to make a new body of landscape work, shot a practically extraterrestrial editorial assignment, and spoke about the history of Chris’s career all in the past few days. It all flew by and now that it’s done, here’s our double dose of photos and stories. Keep reading to see what’s kept us busy the past fourteen days…


Yellowstone Landscape Shooting

Last week we were incredibly fortunate to travel to Yellowstone National Park for an editorial assignment. Neither Chris nor I have ever been to that part of the United States before, so in addition to crossing two states off of our list (Wyoming and Montana), we took advantage of the opportunity to shoot some landscapes and capture as much of the beautiful and wild country as we could.

Our landscapes are receiving the retouching treatment and we’ll share as soon as they’re ready, but for now keep reading for some shots of our adventure…


Weekly Wrap-up, Janurary 9th-13th

It’s January. It’s time to reorganize, get ready and get prepped for the year ahead – that’s what we’ve been up to this week in the studio. We’ll be making a pretty big announcement next week, so stay tuned for the good news.

Aside from that, we were working hard in the studio and on an editorial project this week – portfolio updates, server updates, organizing and re-organizing kept us all busy for the last few days. Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to this week…


The New Year – Looking Ahead

With 2012 ahead of us, we’re excited – in the near future we’ll hopefully have some very exciting news to announce, and beyond that there’s an entire year ahead to get ready, gear up, and look forward to.

Looking back for a moment – Chris has been blogging since 2009, and we really focused on it last year as a way to share new work, look behind the scenes, explain our thoughts, and connect with people. We searched for the meaning of life with creatives and innovators alike, live-blogged an adventure in Hawaii, shared stories about meeting and making photos with inspirational individuals and amazing athletes. All things considered, 2011 was a great year and we were happy to share it like never before.

As for what the future holds for this blog, we’re curious. What would you like to see? What types of insight and information can we offer? Let us know, comment on this post, send us an email, reach out on twitter @crismanphoto or @robertluessen or post on our Facebook.

Here’s to a great year ahead. Cheers!