Mac English: Squirrel Hunting in South Carolina

“I’m 77 years old and I’m still out here chasing these squirrels. I always have done it.”

We traveled down to South Carolina just about a year ago to spend two days in Sumter National Forest hiking, hunting, photographing and filming none other than Mac English, a champion squirrel hunter. We were out there in the woods – far out there. It was quite the experience, but all things considered, I’d go back and join a hunt any day.

Keep reading for more stills, outtakes, behind the scenes and video…


Double Weekly Wrap-up, November 28th – December 9th

First off an apology – Forgive me for missing out on a weekly wrap up last week. We were in the middle of an awesome editorial shoot up in NYC all day on Friday and I didn’t get the chance to properly write about the week. That being said, the past fourteen days have been pretty crazy, with editorial projects and an advertising shoot down in Miami.

As usual, I can’t get into too many details quite yet, but we’ve got a handful of shots from the last few weeks, keep reading to check out what’s been going on.


Weekly Wrap-up, October 24th-28th

It’s been another busy week, traveling to Miami for a shoot and working locally back in Philadelphia. This week marked the last shoot of a really special editorial project that’s kept us traveling for the last few weeks. Even though that’s wrapped up, we had plenty to keep us busy, with a handful of shoots and interesting things cooking in the Philly area. Keep reading to see what else happened this week…


Hawaii Recap: Last Shoot Day & The Trip Home

Seventeen Days. Seventeen unforgettable days in Hawaii, filled with unparalleled natural beauty, awe-inspiring views, hard work, a good team, and some awesome photography. We’re back in Philadelphia now, catching up and gearing up for the next shoot, getting ready to head back to the left coast for a new project.

My apologies for not updating about our last day sooner, a pile of work on my desk in the studio and considerable jet-lag got the best of me. Just like the rest, our last day in Maui was memorable and filled with beauty.

If you’re looking for the rest of the trip, you can find each day below, but don’t forget to click “read more” and find out the details about our final day in Hana.

Hawaii Shoot Day One: Up in the Air
Hawaii Shoot Day Two: Jetlag & the Road to Hana
Hawaii Shoot Day Three: Scouting & Beyond Hana
Hawaii Shoot Day Four: 10,000 feet in one Day
Hawaii Shoot Day Five: Location Scout Part One
Hawaii Shoot Day Six: Location Scout Part Two
Hawaii Shoot Day Seven: The Shoot Begins
Hawaii Shoot Day Eight: Bicycling & Equine Adventures
Hawaii Shoot Day Nine: Spa & Pool Day
Hawaii Shoot Day Ten: Sunrise, Pilates, and Skylifts
Hawaii Shoot Day Eleven: Underwater Photography, Triage & Trail Running
Hawaii Shoot Day Twelve: Coconuts, Culture, and The Luau
Hawaii Shoot Day Thirteen: Banana Bread, Pickup Football, and Famous Toilets
Hawaii Shoot Day Fourteen: Two Weeks In
Hawaii Shoot Day Fifteen & Sixteen: Thank you, Hana
Hawaii Recap: Last Shoot Day & The Trip Home

Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed reading about our shoot in Hawaii – it’s been a great experience to document and share some behind the scenes from this project. Many thanks to everyone involved, from our photo crew, to the team from Doner, everyone invloved from Travaasa, Matu Productions, Hana Productions, and our local guides & assistants. Thanks again, Cheers!


Hawaii Shoot Day Fourteen: Two Weeks In

It’s been two weeks. Almost five thousand miles and five time zones away from home base back in Philadelphia. When you hit the two week mark in a place like this, despite the technology, despite our iPhones and laptops, you can’t help but feel a certain sense of disconnect. Feeling that sense of separation from the everyday maybe makes it easier to appreciate the beautiful scenery and make a great photos.  Either way, every morning the sunrise still manages to impress and inspire.