Weekly Wrap-up, April 23rd-27th

It’s been another week on the road for our crew. We kept it fairly local, scouting and shooting in New York and New Jersey, working on an advertising project that has us all over the place for the next few months. We’re off to the west coast next week, but make sure to keep reading to see our recap on the last few days.

The same advertising project that had us in Detroit last week brought us to a few locations around New York this week – here’s Chris shooting one of our subjects who I have to keep under wraps for now…

We were scouting and shooting all week long with art director James Cabral this week, here he is posing for a test shot in front of a very floral backdrop in Rye, New York

Even Chris was the subject of a few photos this week, seen here posing while our assistant Jared fires off a light test.

And of course, I made it in front of the lens for a few test shots this week as well, here I am giving my best Sherlock Holmes face (and yes, if you look closely, I do have a pocketwizard in my shirt pocket).

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We received the German edition of Wired Magazine that ran images from our shoot with Tumblr CEO David Karp

 – We shared a video and look back at this time last year, when we were shooting in Hawaii

 – Photoshelter Blog details the essential kit-list for photo assistants

 – Heather Elder is looking for questions to ask the Community Table NYC at their upcoming event in June

 – Magnum’s House of Pictures currently has ten photographers documenting Rochester, New York

 – And a link to the Tumblr page where you can find the images

Last but not least…

Sometimes you come across the strangest things at rest stops on the highway.

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