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Weekly Wrap-up, June 24-28th

chris crisman photogaraphy weekly wrap

In all seriousness, does anyone out there know where the month of June went? It feels like I blinked on May 31st and now I’m staring July right in the face. Strange. June has also been a crazy month due to the lack of weekly wrap-ups. All apologies there, but we’ve just been so busy that it can be hard to find the time. Fortunately we have a moment to take a breath and reflect on what we’ve been up to for the past few days. Despite the tropical weather, it’s been a good week back at home base in Philadelphia – keep reading to see what we’ve been up to…

chris crisman photogaraphy weekly wrap

The week started off with a return – Chris and our assistant David were finally back from their nonstop, seven day run of shooting out west.

chris crisman photogaraphy weekly wrap

We kept it local for the past few days, working on getting geared up for the next set of adventures and shoots that already have the rest of the summer looking very busy. So what exactly does that mean? Lots of phone calls for Chris…

chris crisman photogaraphy weekly wrap

and lots and lots of invoicing for me – this particular nightmare only took me 2 days to sort through all our reciepts. That’s what you get when you shoot 23 days on one single project.

chris crisman photogaraphy weekly wrap

We also took advantage of this break in the storm of shooting to tackle a much needed upgrade to our archive system. They look small, but two of those servers are 20tb each – when you’re making lots of photos you need a place to keep them.

chris crisman photogaraphy weekly wrap

And speaking of photos, David took advantage of his down time to setup a few still-life shots this week.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

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Last but not least…

chris crisman photogaraphy weekly wrap

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