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Weekly Wrap-up, March 19th-23rd

Whew, what a week – a week full of traveling and making pictures. After having a day to prep and enjoy the early spring weather in Philadelphia, Chris and I took off to Colorado for an editorial shoot. We flew into Denver and headed west out into the wild to find and photograph our subject (you can see the amazing view they had in the shot above).

After a few crazy long days in Colorado, we were back on the east coast, stopping in Philly for a second to reload our gear and then headed up to NYC for a day of shooting in Splashlight studios. Keep reading to see more shots from our travels…

After enjoying the unseasonably warm weather out on the east coast, we got thrown back into winter for part of our time shooting out in Colorado. It wasn’t quite this snowy at our location, but crossing the Mesa brought us back to winter (it should be noted that we packed entirely inappropriately for this trip)

Of course, to make all that travel across Colorado happen, we needed gas for our rental. We’ve put a lot of miles on the road in the past few years, but I’ve never seen a gas receipt that high.

After a few days in Colorado, our travels brought us to Splashlight studios in NYC for another part of the same editorial project. I’d share more about what we were working on, but as usual, it’s under wraps until the magazine comes out. Stay tuned for more on that…

In our travels this week we also stumbled across what appeared to be a photo graveyard, either that or a store that had gotten stuck in an alternate dimension that ended in 2005. If anyone is looking for a sweet 6.1mp camera, we know just the place.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

– We shared part II of IV in our series documenting the making of our new conceptual portraiture

– We were happy to announce that some of Chris’s photos were selected in Archive 200 Best

– Heather Elder continues her series with LA Art Buyers, this time – the main course

– APhotoEditor featued a post from photography Lincoln Barbour on a photographers cost of doing business

– Adobe released the public beta of CS6, dpreview has a pretty cool breakdown how it effects photographers

Last but not least…

…strange name for a gas station, eh?

  1. Jonas Berggren says: March 25, 20123:10 am

    First of all – great blog and of course great shots!
    Loved your five part documentary.

    Then I must say a few words about your comments about the gas.
    I live in sweden and now the price for 1 litre is almost 16 swedish krona. So if my math is correct (and there is quite high chanse that it is not) if you had been made the gas stop here in Sweden instead, you would have had a cost at aprox 193 dollars…

  2. Robert Luessen says: March 26, 201211:00 am

    Wow…That’s a lot of money. If we drove 5.5 hours though, could we cross all of Sweden?

  3. Dave C. says: March 27, 201212:38 am

    Another comment on the gas: it appears you filled up with Regular Meth. Good on you for skipping the expensive meth.

  4. Robert Luessen says: March 27, 201211:47 am

    No need for the good stuff in a rental!

  5. Jonas Berggren says: April 4, 20124:08 pm

    To cross Sweden North to South in 5.5 hours you should travel in a speed around 300 km/h and the highest speed limit we have is 110 km/h. But from West to East it is no problem, you might even get some time over for photographing the tourist traps!


    (Sorry for late answer, missed it..)

  6. Ed Taylor says: December 5, 20138:28 pm

    If I might ask, what speed ring is supporting the octa in the top pic? It appears to have it’s own grip head.

  7. Robert Luessen says: January 7, 20149:05 am

    Hey Ed, Sorry for the delay in answering your question. We mount our octabanks on offset speedrings so that the weight and tension of the octabank isn’t resting on the flash head. We haven’t ordered them in a bit, but I think it’s an 8 point calumet brand speedring. Hope this helps. -robert

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