Weekly Wrap-up, March 5th-9th

It was another productive week in Philly, spent prepping and working on a handful of upcoming projects. As you can see from the shot above, we even managed to squeeze in some time to work on another personal portrait shoot.

It’s really valuable to have the time and opportunity to make personal work. To anyone who’s shooting out there, make sure you’re shooting for yourself as often as you can. It’s an incredibly valuable experience to make your own photos exactly how you image them, and I’d even hazard a guess that Chris might go crazy if we didn’t get a chance to shoot personal work every now and then.

Keep reading to see what else has been going on this week…

Chris and I took advantage of the warm weather to grab a beer and work on some really exciting content for that blog that will be coming up over the next few weeks. We’re gonna be delving into the creative, technical, and artistic process that it takes to make our work – I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned for it.

You might remember last week when I was just starting to clean a Pocketwizard that took an unfortunate fall into a vat of oil back in Cleveland. Good news to report – they come apart (and go back together) really easily and still work just fine even after taking a bath in oil.

It may not be exciting to anyone else, but one of the best things to happen this week was that we finally finished a build-out on a storage closet for the studio. Check out how awesomely organized those seamless are.

We also made the jump and joined Canon CPS. Check out that sweet lapel pin from Canon Professional Services. We’re real deal platinum members now – forget about the other benefits like expedited repairs… we got a pin.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

We explored the meaning of life, with a holier than usual subject

We went to the archives for a shoot from 2005 with The Black Keys

Producer Steven Currie explains what it takes to produce shoots in the snow

Speaking of snow… Chase Jarvis is live-blogging another snowy shoot with daily updates

Last but not least…

Had to share this shot of Chris and our model today… We made some awesome portraits, I cant wait to share them on the blog. Stay tuned!

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  1. For studio work I use my apartment. Totally jealous of your rolls of seamless. I could store in our high ceiling living room but wife would not have it. Lol. I opted for calumet 4.5 footers instead. Limiting but get the job done with some post processing tricks.

  2. note to self: do not comment on other people’s blogs after drinking too much Chimay. Looks as if I basically wrote the same thing as the post before it just different wording. Hey, feel free to delete that second one….please!!! lol!

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