Weekly Wrap-up, May 14th-18th

We were back in Philly for this week, working to get caught up in the studio and making some photos (read: also enjoying the awesome early summer warmth). After a long run of travel, we took advantage of a few days back at home base to update our image archives, work with the retouching team, and even print some new work for the walls in the studio. Aside from that we had a few shoots out of the city where we got to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Keep reading to see what else happened over the past few days…

The weather out on the east coast has been awesome this week. I snapped a shot of our assistant Tye multitasking here, holding the octabank and working on his tan.

We were breaking all the rules this week. That being said… anyone out there have any Benadryl?

I don’t know how many of you are PDN subscribers out there, but if you got the latest issue this week, you may have noticed that we were selected as one of the best websites in the PDN annual 2012. It’s an honor to be part of the group this year!

We also worked in the studio on some light testing this week. Chris might have been busy catching up on his Words with Friends games…

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We shared our story & some behind the scenes from working with O, the Oprah Magazine for their June issue

 – We shared some never before seen outtakes from our Travaasa Hana shoot last year

 – West coast shooter Dave Hill has an awesome behind the scenes video up from a Fiat campaign shot earlier this year

 – Another fellow photographer, Dan Saelinger has stills & video on his blog from a recent shoot for Money Magazine

 – A Photo Editor reposts an interesting look into pulling stills from RED camera footage from photographer Kevin Arnold

Last but not least…

I found this Monday morning in the studio. Looks like someone had a rough weekend.