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Weekly Wrap-up, October 24th-28th

It’s been another busy week, traveling to Miami for a shoot and working locally back in Philadelphia. This week marked the last shoot of a really special editorial project that’s kept us traveling for the last few weeks. Even though that’s wrapped up, we had plenty to keep us busy, with a handful of shoots and interesting things cooking in the Philly area. Keep reading to see what else happened this week…

We started out the week in (if you couldn’t tell from the photo above) Miami on Monday working on the last shoot of the big editorial project that’s had us traveling all across the country.

As with the rest of the shoots from that project, I can’t say too much or show too much until the magazine is out (look for a series of blog posts about the project sometime in December…) but I can show a little behind the scenes – here’s our awesome local assistant David Moreno on a Miami rooftop.

And a quick shot of a delicious Cuban feast we had to celebrate the last shoot of the project – yes that might be crab and lobster in that stew right there, and yes it was delicious.

We arrived back in Philly to a very special delivery…

The unboxing… well more like the unwrapping, cutting of the bubblewrap. I Hope the suspense is killing you.

And here it is, the latest addition to our studio, a mount of a Kudu – an African antelope. Before anyone goes crazy though, no Chris did not go hunting in Africa and bring that back with him. We actually purchased it from, a flash sale website that sells some pretty interesting things. Apparently the history of this piece dates back quite a while – Fab acquired it through an estate sale (hopefully from some eccentric millionaire’s estate) and then sold it to us.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

– Not too much from us this week, just the preview blog post on our newest member of the studio…

– Zack Arias has a great post on what it takes and his process on editing his portfolio

The Daily Edit from A Photo Editor showcases an amazing assignment from GQ

Last but not least, the result of Chris spending too much time in the studio…

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