Weekly Wrap-up, October 31st – November 4th

It’s been a good week back in and around the Philly area. A week of classic cars, indie rock, and large format printing – not bad. Chris and I have managed avoid airplanes this week, keeping our shoots local around the NYC and Philly area. This week was also a bit more low-key and gave us the chance to get caught up back at the studio. Keep reading to see what else happened this week…

We’re happy to announce that some of Chris’s work has been recognized by the Master’s Cup photo awards, with a handful of honorable mentions and ‘Rocket Boy’ taking second place, with a Merit of Excellence award.

We had a shoot earlier this week that not only used the new Kudu, but brought some awesome local indie rockers into our studio. Look for some mention of them on the blog in the future.

Also, a reminder from one of the locations we shot in this week. Gambling, cussing, and spitting – that’s gonna be a problem for our crew.

We had time to print some landscapes including this shot from Arizona earlier this year. This may be our biggest one yet, it was over 6 feet long, and looks amazing up on the studio wall. Chris’s Landscapes look pretty awesome printed large, and conveniently enough, prints are available for sale. They make excellent gifts for the holiday season. Just saying.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We showcase the new Who’s Who in Philly

– You can take a peak at Chris’s photo in the Master’s Cup competition that won a 2nd place “Merit of Excellence”

– Agency Access and Louisa Curtis write an insightful piece on branding, which Chris (and our blog!) are mentioned in

Last but not least…

It’s always crucial to keep your studio well stocked for the holiday season. We made sure of that this week.

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  1. Catching up on the blog, ton of great new stuff! Love the BTS stuff. You’re an inspiration and am a HUGE local fan. And with that last picture I would enjoy checking out the studio and having a beer with ya… Fine taste gentleman. Keep up the good work!

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