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Weekly Wrap-up, October 10th-14th

It’s been one of those weeks. One of those weeks where I look back at all the photos I’ve taken and places we’ve been and I’ve got a strange collection of things, from ice rinks to southern style grits, to an owl and an energy drink. Keep reading and I’ll do my best to explain…

Our week started on an ice rink of all places – only five minutes with a future Fall of Fame hockey player, but we made some kickass photos. More to come from that when I can post the shots.

The rest of the week brought us to Charleston, South Carolina for an advertising project. With a 12 hour drive at hand, there was a lot of staring out the windows and seeking out the stranger things on I-95. Thankfully our assistant Jeff and I found this hurse – or should I say minivan?

And what’s a road trip without a requisite stop to somewhere that sells incredibly creepy things?

Not too much to show from the shoot itself, chances are you might see it early next year but mum’s the word for now. I will say, if you were ever curious how to hang a hammock without tying it up to two trees, let me tell you… it requires some heavy duty gripequipment, about 200 lbs worth of sandbags, and half a dozen assistants.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

– I spent a long time in the car and interviewed a good friend and fellow assistant, Jeff Elkins

– Chris wrote a blog post for Photoshop master Scott Kelby’s blog

– PDN has an interesting article on the legacy of Steve Jobs, as a subject for portraits

Last but not least, a frame from the bar at Husk, recently named best new resturant in America by Bon Appetit and Southern Living… we were honored to have special serving of grits from the chef, Sean Brock. Too bad he wouldn’t agree to an impromptu photo shoot (They were the best grits ever, by the way).

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