2013 – A look Forward

And we’re back.

After a much needed bout of rest and relaxation for Chris, myself, and everyone else on team Crisman, we’re excited to be back in action looking ahead to 2013. I always find the first few weeks of the year to be an interesting time – it feels almost like the first moments before dawn, right before the sun rises. You’re a little groggy, bleary eyed, but excited and hopeful for what the day ahead will bring.

Even though we’re only in the early dawn of the year, there’s a ton to be excited about already. As I’m writing this Chris is already on the road headed out to a shoot, and later this week we’ll be making our way down south for another project. Beyond that we’ve got a handful of adventures planned this year, and who knows what else will crop up along the way.

As for this blog in 2013 – we’ll keep sharing! We’ve spent the last two years telling our story and the new year can only bring bigger and better things for this blog. We’re curious though, what else do you want to know? What other information can we share? What do you really want to know? Drop us a line in the comments or @crismanphoto & @robertluessen.

One reply to “2013 – A look Forward”

  1. I am such a fan of Chris and his whole team involved in such wonderful work. I rarely watch TV but there isn’t one day I’m not turning to your website and blog for encouragement.

    There was a post by Chris regarding value and time. Posts like that have been more important to me than technique these days. I am a very skilled photographer, retoucher, problem solver (the latter seems to me the heart of craft: solving problems.) I know I’m not the only photographer out there trying to figure out his way into being a full time working photographer. There are so many wonderful artists. The one problem I cannot fix lately isn’t how to do the job well, but getting the job to begin with. I don’t care if I fail, I just want to know that if I did at least I failed heading in the right the direction; not because I was lost.

    If there is anything you can post that can help educate those trying to get a chance at an opportunity small or big, would be more beneficial than lighting tests ever can.

    How to rate yourself with confidence that you won’t get laughed at.
    How to contact directly the people you’d like to photograph. Do they contact the artist? Are we all just on-callers who just wait to see if there luck changes? (I don’t accept that. I’ve waited long enough for my life to happen, let alone change)

    How does someone actually rate a task to begin with so that we know we’re not taking on something that won’t help us as much as it will help them?

    How to juggle being available for a job when you’re working at a different job that actually pays the bills?

    How to stay inspired when no-job-coming saps what inspiration you have left to continue photography?

    I feel like I am a talented and able traveler; but with no direction home, what does it matter?

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