Are Photography Skills Being Replaced?

Interesting question, isn’t it? When we got a call from Advanced Photoshop UK  asking us to weigh in on the issue we knew that it would be a worthwhile topic for discussion.

After some discussion over a few beers and a bit of deep thought, here is Chris’s answer, in his own words:

“Photoshop is just one tool in my arsenal used to help illustrate my personal vision. But the greatest tool is my mind, followed by my camera. There are some images that just can’t be captured through the means of traditional photography. Photoshop being applied by a talented digital artist helps me complete my vision. If any one piece of mine is better classified as illustration that’s fine by me.”

We’re not crazy either – Advanced Photoshop polled its readers, and an overwhelming 95% of them agreed that photography skills cannot be substituted by Photoshop and retouching ability.

What do you think? Let us know @crismanphoto or drop a line in the comments!

3 replies to “Are Photography Skills Being Replaced?”

  1. I agree that Photoshop is just another tool (powerful tool).

    Composition and color for example can be fixed to some degree, but one can’t just photoshop a persons hand somewhere (and in focus) without the vision and direction from the photographer.

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