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chris crisman captial girls aarp magazine video

In December of last year we received a call from our good friend Caitlin Peters and AARP The Magazine to shoot stills and a video interview with the critically acclaimed authors of Capital Girls. Writing under the pseudonym Ella Monroe, the duo behind the hit series of young adult novels is also known as Amy Reingold and Maz Rauber. We spent a few days down in Washington DC with Amy & Maz, delving into their daily lives as authors and bringing their creative process to life. Keep reading for our video interview and more shots…

And here it is, our video interview with Amy Reingold and Maz Rauber, produced by none other than Caitlin Peters!

We spent the good part of two days, shooting a hybrid style of video and stills, working video sequences until they were perfect only then to switch over and capture the moment in still format for the print edition of the magazine. We worked as light as possible, trying to stay mobile and flexible to switch between formats whenever necessary.



With Chris working as photographer, director and interviewer, we brought on the help of cameraman and video editor Andrew Baasch to operate our primary camera and handle the final edits of the video.

chris crisman captial girls aarp magazine video

As for me? Well from the looks of it I spent most of the shoot just hanging out on the floor (not true- someone needed to work the second camera). In all seriousness though, we worked hard to translate the creative process into video, even going as far as rigging our 5d mk III practically on the ceiling to shoot both the scenes from the video…

chris crisman captial girls aarp magazine video

and this portrait of Amy and Maz amidst their stories and plot pieces of their novels. Not a bad way to write a book if you ask me!

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