Double Weekly Wrap-up, July 22nd – August 2nd

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Two weeks already? The past fourteen days have, as usual, breezed on by, leaving us with an extra large wrap-up to share. What have we been up to for the last half of a month? We’ve split our time between home base in Philadelphia, light testing in the studio, a handful of local shoots on the east coast, and a very quick trip to Illinois for a day of plate and landscape shooting. Keep reading for more stories and behind the scenes shots…

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Chris and our crew made some time in the studio to do a bit of light testing. It’s not every day that we break out a snoot on set, but we were working with some very focused light and needed the right tool to make it happen.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Our shoots over the past few weeks also took us to some unique locations like this abandoned warehouse – and if you’re wondering we did not call in a water truck hose down the floor, thanks to mother nature and a bit of summer rain, we had the perfect backdrop for our shoot.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Chris was also up in the air for a second on a quick trip to shoot background plates and personal work in Illinois. We’ll have some exciting new personal work to share from that shoot coming up later this year.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

And no weekly wrap-up would be complete without a wonderfully bad test shot of yours truly – extra patriotic this week.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

I wasn’t the only one in front of the camera these past few weeks – Chris sat down for a video interview in our studio last week. Can’t share what the project is for quite yet, but we’ll be sure to release it when we can.

As far as what you may have missed these past few weeks on the internet:

 – We released Part I of our series of portraits for Nature Conservancy

 – I shared a studio manager meditation on the subject of flying

 – We also released more portraits and behind the scenes with part II of our Nature Conservancy shoot

 – We went back to Chris’s hometown for our latest post from the archives

 – Heather Elder has an interesting interview with Art Buyer Krissy Hicks

 – APhotoEditor links to an increadible project by photographer and Afghanistan war veteran, Giles Duley

Last but not least…

chris crisman weekly wrap up

We picked up a pretty interesting book… could this be the start of a new project in the works?

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