Double Weekly Wrap-up, July 8th-19th

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Another two weeks down and we’re getting close to the end of July – it honestly feels like last week that we were trudging through the snow with our gear to make photos in February. We’ve kept it local to the Philadelphia area lately, baking in the heatwave that has scorched the east coast, doing our best to stay cool and make pictures at the same time. Over the last fourteen days we’ve traveled and shot a few assignments as well as took some time back at home base to get ready for the next adventure. Keep reading to see what else we’ve been up to…

chris crisman weekly wrap up

We spent a good chunk of our week working on a personal promo shoot – complete with almost 20 talent and behind the scenes video. It was a crazy long day with almost 10,000 frames shot, and we’ll share more when we can.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

The shoot also afforded us the opportunity to meet some unique and interesting characters like Pierre. Quite a dapper subject.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

And with any shoot day comes some great test photos. Thank you Tye Worthington for rocking out in this shot.

chris crisman weekly wrap up

Yes, it was clearly a very serious shoot.


The past few weeks have also given us a chance to get caught up and work on a few pieces of equipment – in this case, making sure our backup Macbook Pro is updated and ready to go just in case our main shooting laptop would ever fail.

As far as what you may have missed these past few weeks on the internet:

 – I reflect on three years as a studio manager

 – We share new portraits and behind the scenes shooting inventor Dean Kamen for Wired UK

 – We announced a new position in the studio for a jr. retoucher

 – I broke down the technology behind our backup and archiving process

 – Our rep Heather Elder answers the question “What does a photography agent do?”

 – APhotoEditor shares an insightful post on Pricing & Negotiating for an advertising and collateral shoot

Last but not least…

chris crisman weekly wrap up

We finally got our hands on some Cronuts in Philly. No idea what a Cronut is? Take a look at the office FAQ…

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  1. if you need a fly or a second shooter on the wall with any of your production shoots any time any where.well then lets talk. Love your work!

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