Double Weekly Wrap-up, June 18th-29th

You’re in for a bonus this Friday… that’s right, we’ve got a double weekly wrap-up this week. Twice the photos, twice the antics, twice the behind the scenes. We hope you can handle it.

That being said, the past fourteen days took us from Philadelphia to Memphis, Arkansas, St. Louis, New York, San Francisco, Boston, New York (round two) and back again to Philly. I’d draw you a map but it would just be too damn confusing. With all of that running around we managed to fit in seven shoots and even catch a day or two of downtime in the studio to regroup and keep the ball rolling. We’ve got a ton of photos to show and stories to tell, keep reading to see what we’ve been up to for the past two weeks…

All the travel and all the shooting meant for a lot of early morning call times and waking up with the sun. Not to mention a lot of resetting your internal clock to deal with all the time zone changes.

Speaking of early, I can’t forget our shoot in Arkansas where a 5:00am call time means you’re waking up so early you might as well have just stayed out and partied the night before (it should be noted that we definitely did not do that).

Also with all of this running around, some of the gear has seen better days… but there’s nothing that a roll of gaffers tape wont fix.

We put down a ton of miles on the road. In this case the very, very flat and sunny roads in Missouri.

And we did a number on a few rental cars. You’d be surprised at how well the compact SUV option can take you offroads when you need it.

Of course, as usual there was plenty of shooting. both east and west coast style.

And some outdoor productions where we had to deal with less than ideal weather. Nothing quite like striking c-stands and grip equipment in a thunderstorm.

Yes, it was definitely a long two weeks.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We take a look at our New Jersey shore cover shoot from last summer

 – We answer the question “why make prints?”

 – We go back to 2009 for a photo shoot with a famous French chef

 – Our work was featured on Trend Hunter

 – Our rep, Heather Elder explains the best ways to direct mail marketing

 – A Photo Editor muses on the future of content streams and photography

 – Fellow shooter Steve Giralt puts it plainly: Photo talk is cheap

Last but not least…

Sometimes you’re just taking photos of photos… of donuts.

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