Double Weekly Wrap-up, November 5th-16th

Whew. What a crazy run. Thankfully it’s Friday and also the 12th day straight we’ve been working, traveling all over and making photos. This trip took us home base in Philly to New Mexico, Los Angeles, the Mojave desert, Washington DC, New York, and back to Philadelphia.

We braved the surprisingly freezing temps and deceiving sands of the desert to make a new body of landscape work, shot a practically extraterrestrial editorial assignment, and spoke about the history of Chris’s career all in the past few days. It all flew by and now that it’s done, here’s our double dose of photos and stories. Keep reading to see what’s kept us busy the past fourteen days…

Before Chris and Jared left for the wilds of New Mexico and California, the whole Crisman crew was working together back in the studio, cranking out photos in the retouching department.

Aside from retouching, we were busy getting ready for a travel run that would take us from the deserts of New Mexico to Los Angeles, and finally to the Mojave desert in California for a wild editorial project.

Speaking of the deserts, here’s our obligatory light test for the week, this time it’s @jaredcastaldi looking his most badass in the white sands of New Mexico.

One thing we learned shooting in all of these deserts is that tumbleweeds actually exist, and they actually tumble. Coincidentally, they also make great hats.

I’ve got to keep this editorial project even deeper under wraps than usual, so unfortunately no sneak peeks – I’ll just leave this obscure photo here for you to take a peek at.

Last but certainly not least, we finished strong on this two week run with our keynote presentation in Washington DC, thanks to the APA. Thanks to everyone who came out!

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We shared the story of shooting 2012 Hero of Conservation Rod Cross

 – We also went behind the scenes with another Field and Stream Hero, John Sferazo

 – We were down in Washington DC speaking thanks to APA DC

 – Heather Elder shares her newest installments of The Community Table Part 1 – The appetizer, Part II – The main course, and Part III the dessert

– APhotoEditor takes a look at how social media changes marketing

 – Fellow shooter Steve Giralt explains his theory on how much to charge as a photographer

Last but not least…

Yup. This is the worlds largest pistachio. We found it.