Double Weekly Wrap-up, October 8-19th

It’s been a crazy two weeks of shoots, scouting, casting, and production. Just yesterday we wrapped up a huge personal lifestyle shoot that we can’t wait to share as soon as it’s out of retouching. We’ve got a ton of behind the scenes from the day, so stay tuned for that update. For now though, keep reading to see what we’ve been up to the last few weeks…

We’ve been scouting and shooting these past few days, making sure to maximize the fall foliage potential before all the leaves drop and working hard to produce a brand new lifestyle portfolio shoot…

All of the scouting and production led up to an amazing shoot day yesterday – nine talent, fourteen hours, sunrise to sunset. We had a jam packed day full of outdoor fall activities.

The shoot got so crazy at one point Chris had to climb up into the ceiling in order to make a few photos. He’s lucky he had a crew of assistants to bring in a ladder and help him climb down.

Things definitely went well for some of our talent during the shoot… this kinda stuff just tends to happen when you take a group of young beautiful models camping.

What a better way to rap up a shoot than to have a bonfire with sparklers? (Above photos credit Cara Anderson)

After a production like we pulled off this week, a few cold ones were definitely in order.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We blogged about Four Corners, the group art and design exhibit that Chris showed work in

 – We went behind the scenes for the Cover of the November issue of Wired UK

 – We also looked into shooting the features for that same special edition issue of Wired UK

 – The famous chef and photo subject of Chris’s, Georges Perrier had his portrait featured in Vanity FairH

 – Heather Elder explains the four reasons why she’s good at her job (and let me tell you, she’s pretty awesome)

 – The Strobist shares how he pulled of a 86-second photoshoot. I think he might have beat us for shortest time with a photo subject…

 – Steve Giralt has the facts of life as a photographer. These couldn’t be more true.

 – A Photo Editor touches on the concept of photography as art vs. craft

Last but not least…

I swear Chris buys the strangest things off the internet. I also have a feeling this won’t be the last we’ll be seeing of this bird…

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