Double Weekly Wrap-up, September 10th-21st

It’s been a wild ride these past two weeks. I should apologize for missing our weekly wrap-up last week, but I was just too damn busy. Last week took Chris, myself, and the crew up to NYC for a week long advertising project shooting both video and still images.

We worked like crazy with an amazingly talented crew to create a handful of stills and video spots for a campaign that we will be telling you all about as soon as we can. As always, we can’t say too much until it’s all released – it’ll be worth the wait.

As for the last week in Philly, we’ve been back in the studio, working on a few personal projects and gearing up for Fall. We’ve got two weeks worth of photos and stories, so keep reading to find out more…

First and foremost… I have to mention that the rumors are true, our shoot last week did in fact come with a breakfast burrito truck. That’s how you do craft services right.

Working on a multiple-day hybrid project that shot video and stills meant a lot of early mornings and long days.

We hustled to make all of the shots happen – working with and around an extremely talented video crew (more on that later, I promise!)

Well maybe I should say that some of us hustled… I think Tye might be breaking three or four of our assistant tips in the shot above.

Most days we shot from sunrise to sundown – sometimes shooting on top of rental cars. Who needs a tripod when you can get on top of a Chevy Equinox?

We also happened to shoot a ton of behind the scenes footage that will no doubt make it’s way into an awesome new video in the near future. I’ve spent some time this past week back in the studio cutting it together and I can’t wait to share when it’s finished

And of course coming back to the studio for a week sometimes means that you get greeted in the morning with what resembles a giant game of Pik up Stix. Don’t worry though, no seamlesses were harmed in the accident or cleanup.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We debuted a brand new personal conceptual portrait

 – One of our superstar agents Lauranne LoSpalluto shares her meaning of life

 – We were featured in Shanghai Weekly, a Chinese media outlet

 – Some of our Airzona Landscapes were also featured in Applied Arts Magazine

 – Heather Elder shares 10 things you didn’t know about freelance art buyer Lisa Crawford

 – Rob Haggart asks the question – What happens when photography becomes a commodity?

 – A Photo Editor shares the top 100 photographers of all time

 – NYC Shooter Steve Giralt goes in depth on the specifics of his backup and archiving system

Last but not least…

We have a new addition to the Crisman family! Let me introduce you to Calvin Crisman, born happy and healthy on September 19th.

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  1. Congrats on the new addition to the Chrisman family! My fiancé loved the picture too! Is that the new 24-70 II lens on top of the Equinox?

  2. Hi guys i have done a sef portrait that was a but more trciky check it used a nikon D700 it was set to continues focus however not in self timer but in interval mode! and set to take a shot every 20 seconds. that way i made sure i would get one nice action shoot of me playing the drums.cheers from berlin germany!

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