Fall Drives

The leaves are changing, there’s a chill in the air, the selection of pumpkin-flavored beers is downright overwhelming. All these signs point to one thing – it’s undeniably fall on the east coast. What a better way to celebrate the change of seasons than to fire up the engine of a classic Corvette, put the top down and take off on some winding roads? And of course, we just had to follow along and shoot some photos.

You might notice in the shot above that the leaves are a fiery orange hue, and this is all natural – no Photoshop work here. How did we do it? The answer is simple – much like shooting for the summer issues of magazines, we shot this 2012 New Jersey Monthly cover all the way back in the fall of 2011. Keep reading to see more photos and behind the scenes from our shoot…

Our morning started early, getting our gear sorted and scheming a way to turn our SUV into a chase car to follow the Corvette.

Our solution was simple enough – good thing the Ford had a sunroof, and good thing we had a few extra bungee cords to strap Chris in.

Last but not least, our assistant Jeff Elkins made sure to rig up a strobe with a standard reflector for a bit of extra illumination.

Chris giving a last minute pep talk to our male model and driver for the day. I’m not usually jealous of the models in our shoots, but getting to drive this vintage Corvette is definitely a cool gig.

It’s not every day that we’re hanging out of sunroofs shooting classic cars…

but judging from the smile on Chris’s face, I’m sure it’s something he wouldn’t mind. As for me, I’ll be the driver any day.

Interested in seeing where these fall drives will take you? Head on over to New Jersey Monthly‘s website for more info.

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  1. Chris….What a great shot!! (#1 in the post) I just love the old corvettes and that just nails it! And thanks for the BTS. I was curious how you got the light on it.

    I’m curious, did you have any problems with the license plate reflecting back? Many states make them reflective.

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