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Hailing from halfway across the globe, Capture is Australia’s number one pro-photography magazine, and we’re honored to be included in their 2013 Annual issue. Specifically speaking, Chris was interviewed on his outlook on advertising photography in 2013 – now we realize that many of you may not have the easiest access to an Australian magazine, so we’ve included his interview below. Take a moment and enjoy Chris’s insightful thoughts:

I have always lived by the mantra of “Do Something Special”. That said, my team and I try to focus on continually making new work that is a step forward from our own history. We want to advance our own capabilities as well as embrace new technologies as opportunities for creating something new and unique. The game is changing, but I am optimistic that we will keep up with the pace.

That idea of doing something special is what I hope many marketers and advertisers are also saying. I believe that many content creation budgets will continue to shrink, but brand managers will continue to work at setting their brands apart. My biggest fear in the industry would be the idea that mediocre visuals would be accepted as the norm. If the brand managers don’t have a refined taste, we could have some problems.

chris crisman capture annual pro photographer

Our work has been steady for the past four years. We have actually seen more projects to bid on each year. However, I don’t think my business is a true barometer of the industry. I will comment that I am shooting more advertising and much less editorial these days. This is due in part to positioning myself for this. However, I have spoken with a handful of magazine editors and art directors that want to take the work to a less lit and more natural looking feel. Every magazine has it’s own identity and my work lines up well with some and not so much with others. I will never have everyone appreciate my work and that’s for the best.

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Going forward, I am more and more excited about collaboration. Mutual respect and unity in the industry can only lead to better things. My favorite realization as of late is that my clients continue to put more and more trust in me, my studio, and our capabilities. As fast as our world of visuals is changing, it’s refreshing to see faithful clients keep coming back for help in making their products unique and stand apart.

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