Featured in TagesWoche

It’s always an interesting time when we’re opening mail at the studio. Aside from the usual invoices, bills, B&H Catalogs, and pizza delivery menus, every now and then we see a special package…

Today we came across a manilla envelope addressed to Chris, adorned with about a dozen stamps and strangely enough, no return address. Upon opening the package, we found three copies of the latest edition of TagesWoche, a weekly Swiss newspaper.

Now haven’t started a weekly intercontinental newspaper subscription, it just happens to be that TagesWoche has featured a handful of Chris’s photographs both in print and online.

It’s an honor to be featured, especially to an international audience that might otherwise never come across our work.

If you step back for a second and think of the simplicity and beauty of a spread of photographs or art in the middle of a weekly newspaper, it’s really a refreshing thought. In a time when newspapers in American are at a loss and filling their diminishing pages with advertising, it’s honestly quite refreshing to see big, beautiful prints of color photography.

Last but certainly not least, do any of our German speaking friends care to translate? Leave us a translation in the comments or give us a shout @crismanphoto

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  1. I am a TagesWoche subscriber. The caption translates to:
    Image Material: The American photographer Chris Crisman, brought up in Pennsylvania, is inspired by the mythical tales and dreams in the lives of the citizens of small cities in the USA: space fantasy, firefly tagging (the game), gourmet dreams

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