Field & Stream: Turkey Freaks

chris crisman jeff budz turkey hunter

When the call came in from our editors at Field & Stream to shoot the world’s top turkey hunter, we knew we were in for a good one. A few days later, Chris hopped a flight down to Florida and met up with Jeff Budz, a sportsman who is honestly crazy for turkey. What comes from spending the day with a top tier hunter who’s up for anything? Keep reading to find out…

chris crisman jeff budz turkey hunter

Truth be told, I did not make the trip to Florida – Chris flew down with a trusted assistant and Crisman team member, Jared Castaldi. Little did he knew the surprises that were in store for them on the shoot – and who better to explain in his own words than Jared:

Sometimes a shoot will come in like this one and you know it’s going to be interesting and fun. And this one didn’t disappoint.



From running down the road with a gun in hand (yes, a gun. not a camera) to having to put our trucks on a boat to cross a lake….It was a good time and Jeff was a great guide and subject.

chris crisman jeff budz turkey hunter

chris crisman jeff budz turkey hunter

I don’t think I’ve ever been in such an untouched wild environment like that island. Wildlife everywhere you looked. I felt like we were in Jurassic park but instead of being chased by dinosaurs, it was wild pigs, deer, and eagles.

chris crisman jeff budz turkey hunter

Oh and that airboat ride – that was insane.

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