Four Corners Philadelphia

We’re proud to announce our latest collaboration with Four Corners: Design from Philly Surrounds. Four Corners is an exhibition opening this Friday, October 12th at the Minima Gallery in Philadelphia. This gallery show is an “enactment” of a lived-in loft apartment containing a hand-picked selection of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania-based art and design. Curated by design writers and experts, Caroline Tiger and Royce Epstein, Four Corners will feature a 40×60” print of Lester Werner, a classic portrait from our acclaimed Steelworkers series.

Keep reading for more of Chris’s Steelworkers series and more information about the gallery show, opening this week…

If you’re looking for more of Chris’s Steelworkers images, take a look over on the Archive section on our website.

Make sure to check out For Corners on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for more information and to see some of the other increadible Philadelphia artwork that will be featured at the Minima Gallery.

Are you in the Philadelphia area or close by? Can you stop by for the opening? Let us know @crismanphoto or drop a comment on the blog – we hope to see you there!

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