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It’s January, it’s winter, it’s cold.

Chris and the rest of our crew certainly get around this country and beyond, but this week we’re back at home base in Philadelphia and it’s chilly. The weather put me in a mindset to remember what we were up to right around now in 2011, when we headed down to Florida for our first lifestyle portfolio shoot. We packed up our gear, as well as some sunglasses and took off to the sunshine state to make some beautiful photos. We couldn’t have asked for a better week, but the pictures speak for themselves. Keep reading to see more…

We split our time between the beach and the and a few quintessential small towns on the Florida coast, working with beautiful local talent in some incredibly picturesque spaces.

We kept our crew small and worked light and fast, using lots of natural light as well as blending Chris’s signature lighting style. If you want a more in-depth technical look at things, we contributed a write up over on The Strobist blog a while back. It’s a good read.

It may have been three days of nonstop shooting, working from sunrise to sunset, but we had an incredible crew, talented set of models and most importantly we made some beautiful photos. I’m ready to go back for round two!

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