From The Archive: Georges Perrier

Less than six months ago marked the end of an era in Philadelphia history. The iconic restaurant, Le Bec-Fin closed its doors after 41 years as a mecca of fine French dining in our city and beyond. Philadelphia Magazine may have predicted it way back in 2009 when they ran the profile on Georges Perrier: Last Days of the French Chef. As part of that profile Chris made a few portraits of the Philly legend, famous for both his cooking and his temper.

Although it has certainly changed over the course of four decades, fine dining has not perished – and neither has Le Bec-Fin. Earlier this month after a remodeling and retooling of the kitchen, menus, and dining room, the culinary icon has reopened with a new chef at the helm. Will the new Le Bec-Fin live up to it’s former legacy and the golden days of fine dining? Only time will well. Will we be back to make portraits of the new chef? We certainly hope so.

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  1. I love Chris’s work but I also want to comment on the re-touching. I just love the look the retoucher achieves with Chris’s photographs. It gives the image so much depth and feel. It takes away the “digital” look that I see in so many others work. These portraits are subtle in style, never over done. They remind me of the old “Saturday Evening Post” magazine covers.

    Kudos to you all!

  2. i had no idea it was reopening. a true philly iconic restaurant but with the trendier steven starr, or my newer favorite, jose garces, spots popping up like weeds, it was inevitable that le bec fin would take a turn for the worst. i hope they do well with the new spot. i guess it’s just another new us locals got to give a try. when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with some mussels and boudin blanc sausage sandwich along with some trappist ales from Monks.

  3. It’s tough in Philly, I think to be a successful restaurant you have to constantly evolve and offer new things for your patrons. It’s also hard to justify four star prices when you can get food that is almost that same top tier quality in a much less formal and inexpensive setting…

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