From the Archive: Soccer Shoot

Thanks to Euro 2012, soccer fans worldwide are going pretty crazy for the next few weeks. In honor of the games (which conveniently are on TV and streaming online during they day, perfect for watching in the studio) we thought it would be time to go to the archives and share some photos from a shoot with Corbis last year featuring some out of this world soccer moves.

And how exactly did we get these stellar shots? Keep reading for a few more photos and to see the very unique piece of gear we used that day…

We worked with some amazing athletes on the shoot – of course to get these shots we had to… amplify their abilities a little bit.

It’s not every day you’ve got a trampoline on set. When you do though, it definitely comes in handy.

Also, a big thank you to our crew that day… I think we may hold the world record for fastest trampoline assembly.