From The Archive: Toby Keith

In the fall of 2011, Chris and I took off on a multi-shoot journey across the country to cover inspiring and exception people for AARP magazine’s Inspire Awards 2011. We blogged about a handful of those shoots from The Daring Dozen, including our experiences with Jane Goodall, Pat Summitt, and the Arizona Shooting Heroes. One adventure we haven’t mention (until now) is when Chris flew out to Chicago to photograph the legendary country music artist Toby Keith.

Of course, there was just one little catch…

Chris was given an all-access, backstage pass. We packed up the cameras and lights and he hopped a plane to Chicago for the concert. There was just one problem… we weren’t guaranteed any time for a photoshoot. Nothing formal, no setups, no seamless, nothing staged. Chris had to fly by the seat of his pants and capture the best moments he could.

Despite the interesting confines of his shooting situation, Chris still made some awesome photos – not to mention he had backstage access to one of the best live shows around.

That must have been one hell of a concert – too bad he only got 1 backstage pass!

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