Hawaii Magazine Cover

“Maui Bliss” – that couldn’t be more true. We’re happy to report that Hawaii Magazine is featuring one of Chris’s photos on their February 2012 Cover. You might remember back in May of last year when we were shooting this very photo in Hawaii – after a day like that I know I won’t forget. Keep Reading for a few more shots from that adventure.

There’s the original, serenely beautiful photo. That was the last photo we made on the trip in Hawaii – somehow fitting that it’s now the cover of an issue devoted to the beauty of Maui.

You might remember from the trip – shortly thereafter Chris and the 1Ds mk III splashed into a pool (luckily we recovered the photos off the memory card).

Speaking of water, it’s cold and rainy in Philly. Finally feels like winter is here, maybe minus some snow. Couldn’t be more opposite than the weather on the day we were photographing that beautiful waterfall.

With a few months of winter ahead, I’m ready to go back to Maui any day now.

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