Hawaii Recap: Last Shoot Day & The Trip Home

Seventeen Days. Seventeen unforgettable days in Hawaii, filled with unparalleled natural beauty, awe-inspiring views, hard work, a good team, and some awesome photography. We’re back in Philadelphia now, catching up and gearing up for the next shoot, getting ready to head back to the left coast for a new project.

My apologies for not updating about our last day sooner, a pile of work on my desk in the studio and considerable jet-lag got the best of me. Just like the rest, our last day in Maui was memorable and filled with beauty.

If you’re looking for the rest of the trip, you can find each day below, but don’t forget to click “read more” and find out the details about our final day in Hana.

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Hawaii Recap: Last Shoot Day & The Trip Home

Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed reading about our shoot in Hawaii – it’s been a great experience to document and share some behind the scenes from this project. Many thanks to everyone involved, from our photo crew, to the team from Doner, everyone invloved from Travaasa, Matu Productions, Hana Productions, and our local guides & assistants. Thanks again, Cheers!

Even on our final day, Hawaii still had plenty to offer. Since our flight back to the continental 48 wasn’t until later in the evening, we took the opportunity to make a few more photos, hiking to a beautiful waterfall and natural pool. Shawn didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation, jumping in despite the cold water.

With the combination of a beautiful landscape and a beautiful model how can you go wrong?

We even had an unexpected 4th assistant on the shoot. Our talent’s dog, “Tina Turner” was a trooper and hiked though the rainforest with us.

She was also clever enough to find a good spot to relax on top of our Pelican case.

The second shot of the day took us even further off the beaten path, hiking down through the jungle across a rocky beach and finally into the view of an amazing waterfall.

We were all shocked and amazed at the perfect sight in front of us. Seeing this natural beauty was a great way to wrap up our experiences on the island… Except fate had one more twist in store for us.

Let’s start by saying that it’s a good thing we have a top notch insurance policy for our equipment.

After arriving to the second waterfall, we were scouting the area, trying to find the best spot to shoot and one step on the wrong rock ended with Chris and the 1Ds mk III in the water. Thankfully he avoided any serious injury and the camera was the worst off after the fall.

It may be a hassle to find a replacement 1Ds mk III body and lens, but it’s way easier than finding a replacement Chris Crisman. All the shots were recovered from the compact flash card, a replacement body and lens are on their way to the studio, and aside from a bruised shoulder, we’re all good.

Not exactly the ideal way to finish up a shoot, but definitely memorable. Next time Hana, we’ll make it back to that waterfall… maybe with a waterproof camera housing.

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  1. Saved the CF card data! Lucky it was fresh water not salt water! Love the hair Chris.

  2. I stayed six weeks in Hana’s rainforest three years ago. I got some kind of bacterial infection out of that first pool. Recently 35 inches of rain w/ 10 more forecast. Webcam at dome shows incredible power of the falls in the backyard. Talk about good sleeping! First time it went off in the dead of night it was a loud roar of the fist basin filling up about 150 feet up the mountain…when that basin filled and spilled over the final plunge to it’s seaward destination, the sound was like a tornado. Everything was shrouded in a fine mist. Loved that experience. Stills on Picasa. Sorry about your camera. I think it’s humbling to be in that pool. I had felt like a gnat on the face of God when I entered the mango forest’s pool alone. Didn’t take my camera for the reason that you lost yours. Enjoyed the shots. Beautiful captured art. Thank you Chris.

  3. Hey Bob,

    Six weeks is a very lucky experience to have – do you have a link to the stills? We’d like to see them.

    Those pools were a very humbling place, you are right. It was ok that we lost the camera, that’s what insurance is for!

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