Hawaii Shoot Day Eight: Bicycling & Equine Adventures

After seven days on the island so far, two days of tech-scouting, and one day of shooting without talent, today finally arrived. Our shoot today marks the first of five days with models, five days of making awesome photos with people for Travaasa Hana. Mother nature cooperated, our models were talented and charismatic, and the entire crew was working like a well-oiled machine. We couldn’t asked for a better shoot day.

The very first shot of the day took place in a beautiful natural light tunnel of trees near Wainapanapa State Park, home of the black sand beach that we previously visited this trip. For this shot, our models Kenneth and Karyn enjoyed a bike ride through the trees while being photographed.

Shortly thereafter, we moved back on to the property of Travaasa Hana to work on a photograph of our models playing the traditional Polynesian board game of Konane. Similar to checkers, the strategy of the game is to leapfrog your opponent’s pieces, removing them from the board, until a player has no moves left and ultimately loses. In the past Konane was used to settle disputes over land, wives, and even human life – luckily for our models today, it was just a friendly game for the camera.

Although this game of Konane, between Chris and Mark (our awesome creative director from Doner), was for much higher stakes – I think they were playing to see who picked up the bar tab at dinner tonight.

The next shot of the day brought us to a garden of taro plants. A staple crop of the traditional Hawaiian diet, taro root, leaves, and stem can all be turned into edible concoctions. Above you can see Chris capturing one of the many cultural classes that Travaasa Hana offers, with our producer Matu working as a crucial human lens shade.

The afternoon brought the crew down to the coast to photograph, of all things, the photography class offered by the resort. So yes, this is a behind the scenes photograph of a photograph of people taking photographs. Confused? I sure am. In this shot, Chris is working with our male talent Kenneth, to get the perfect shot of him photographing the rocky coastline and rough surf beyond.

After photographing the photography class, we moved our efforts on the equine experiences of the resort – making pictures of horseback riding and some shots of our talent getting to know their horses a bit better.

At first glance of this photo, you might be asking yourself “why is their producer Matu hanging out underneath a pickup truck?” Well I may not have any shots to place this one in context, but in the late afternoon with one photo to go, a quick rainstorm fell upon the crew, and we were forced to cover up the gear and take cover as best we could for ourselves. With very little space to stay dry, Paul Matu improvised and slid underneath the truck full of gear. Smart guy.

Finally the rain blew over and we ended the day out on the lava rocks with the entire crew. Even though we got a little wet, the whole day was spent making awesome pictures. The combination of the beautiful landscape, beautiful talent, and beautiful light is more that we can ask for. Let’s keep it up for the next few days.

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  1. Nice Way to finish my work week!!! pictures are just breath taking! I cant imagine the finish results! simply AMAZING!!! thank you Chris and team sharing !!!

  2. Glad you like the commentary Neil… but there’s a reason you don’t see any shots of setting up, breaking down, or carrying all the gear. The camera is usually in my pocket at that point.

  3. I’m really loving this Hawaii series. So you guys shoot all hours of the day and manage to get good images? If so, this is incredibly unfair!!

  4. Neil, FYI, Robert is Brilliant, makes the shoot even possible. Knows all the science, and an extreme
    pleasure to work your ass off with!!!! Barton

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