Hawaii Shoot Day Five: Location Scout Part One

Today marked the first in two days of location scouting for our shoot at Travaasa Hana. Prior to any project that is as extensive as what we’re about to begin, it is really important that all of the details and specifics are worked out – the beauty of tech scouting is that we can bring along the whole crew, shoot a few photos to jog our memories, and plan out the shots in detail to make everything flow way smoother when we’re actually shooting.

The day started with a trip to Fagan’s cross, a gigantic stone cross perched high atop the town of Hana, Hawaii. Since this was the day of off-property scouting for our shoot at Travaasa Hana, this was the first of many locations surrounding the resort that we had to scout out and get a feel for.

We also discovered a ton of really beautiful areas directly around the property. Some of them required just a bit of negotating barbed wire fences.

But the views were totally worth it and absolutely spectacular. A short hike away from the resort was the Red Sand Cove, a tiny cove that was protected from the ocean by a string of rocks, making for picturesque swimming and what will be a really amazing sunrise shot. I hope the crew is ready to wake up at 4:30am tomorrow…

The afternoon brought more hiking and more crossing of bared wire fences. Thanks to one of our location producers, Sky (holding some barbed wire fencing on the right below), we got a really good sense of the trails and spots beyond the areas of the resort.

The day was also filled with (admittedly less photogenic but still very important) planning sessions where Matu, our producer worked with myself, Sky (the location producer) and the rest of the team to really work through the logistics of the next week of shooting ahead of us. With so many shots on the table, pre-planning as much as possible is really key.

After some intense planning and discussion, I happened to find an enormous conch shell. I couldn’t stop myself.

A few locations later, we found ourselves at Hana Ranch, a local cattle ranch, checking out a possible spot to shoot some horses. Below you can see our producer Matu getting the higher ground to really assess the situation.

Last but certainly not least, we ended the day at Hamoa beach, a pristine cove near Hana, which will also be the location of a few of our shots. It was great to get a feel for what to expect there, and even better to take in some sun and (for a few people in my crew) do some some swimming and catch some waves.

Not a bad way to end a tech scout. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.