Hawaii Shoot Day Nine: Spa & Pool Day

As glamorous as a spa and pool day may sound, only our models today were lucky enough to receive massages, facials, and cold island drinks by the pool. For the rest of the crew, our second day of shooting talent at Travaasa Hana was a bit more taxing, but still a good time.

The day started before sunrise for the photo crew, with an early morning wake-up, only to find out that our sun was obscured by rain and clouds on the horizon. Doesn’t mother nature we’ve got a shoot schedule to stick to?

After pushing back the call time, we all grabbed an early morning breakfast before heading to the spa at Travaasa Hana.

Is this a shot of Matu, our producer standing in for a model on the massage table, or did he fall asleep after waking up at 3:00am to get us all ready for the ill-fated sunrise shots today? No massages for the photo crew today, as he was quickly replaced by our female talent, Elle.

Here you can see Elle, one of our models, having a pink clay body treatment applied to her while Chris shoots away.

While prepping for the next set of pictures, Chris managed to get a minute with our talent to shoot a quick portrait. Many thanks to Matu for this iphone photo – at the time of this portrait session I was most likely busy carry heavy things or coiling cables.

Our next set of photos brought us to the outdoor showers and cold plunge pool of the spa. Even after emptying 1/4 of the pool and refilling it with hot water, it was still pretty chilly – even for the hot weather of Hawaii. Elle was definitely a trooper and put up with it for the sake of making great pictures.

After a quick lunch, we headed back to the spa to finish our last shots there. The sun was hitting us all full blast, so naturally that meant taking the important break to cover up in sunscreen. Clearly Chris, Jeff, and Marie from Doner all take their SPF protection very seriously.

Later in the afternoon, we made our way to the shade of the Plantation House at Travaasa Hana, a remodeled sugar plantation  from the 19th century. At the Plantation House, we photographed chef Barry of the hotel restaurants leading a culinary demo for our talent. In case you’re wondering, he was making ahi tuna sashimi, and yes, it was delicious.

Our day ended with some shooting by the pool, first of our talent couple walking and looking their best in swimwear, followed by a group shot at the poolside bar, with all of the lucky models enjoying some cocktails.

Mai tai’s and talent in place, here’s a shot of Matu our producer putting the finishing touches and wetting down the lava rock to create just the right ambiance for this cocktail shot.

Luckily for the crew there were a few drinks leftover and a cooler of cold beer for us to join in the celebration as we wrapped up our second big day of shooting.

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